The PSP used to help keep world peace

PlayStation Helps The Royal Navy. The Royal Navy has been issuing PSP's to Marine Warfare Technicians to help them with their studies.

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VMAN_013158d ago

Yes......"help" them lol

Noctis Aftermath3158d ago

I bet they are all running custom firmware too.

FarEastOrient3157d ago

I'm already using my DualShock 3 to control a ground spy plane, the ones that can fit in your back pack. I'm deployed in Iraq right now and I would love to see how a Predator will handle with the PS3 CELL Chip.

2012, we still got 3 more years to develop crazy things for the military...

Timesplitter143158d ago

I like how they're implying armies are helping world peace

Armyless3158d ago

And if one dictator ruled everyone, there would also be world peace.

Anorexorcist3158d ago

It only does everything, including diplomacy!!!

TapiocaMilkTea3158d ago

It may be a good idea to give them pspgos so the engineers there can find a way to add UMD to it.

xxPIETROxx3158d ago

The Army use PS3 and the Navy use PSP. Thats pretty impressive

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