Nathan Drake Gets Supersized for Thanksgiving Weekend

Uncharted developers Naughty Dog have turned handsome hero Nathan Drake into a hulking heap of fat in multiplayer for this weekend only after he had "a few too many helpings" during Thanksgiving.

And it's not only Nathan who should be ashamed as Zoran Lazarevic, Nathan's nemesis, has also had a few too many turkeys.

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GVON3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Found a way to get my Ps3 to upload these.

Lol doughnut drake is ace.


just remembered one of the matches I was in had 4 fat drakes just stood around,i'll get a pic now

Here they are

then we got blown up (messed the dof on this one)

and a shot of Lazarevic

STONEY43009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

3rd pic is the best, lol. Look at Doughnut Drake doing a pose in the back.

tripewire3009d ago


Its so easy to forget how good this game looks.

Even with fat Drake....

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Ziriux3009d ago

That's funny lol. Nathan Drake, looking fat, just doesn't fit the bill. Although now you can't miss him in multiplayer.

A HiFi3009d ago

Gotta love developers who go the extra mile with stuff like this. =D

Ziriux3009d ago

It's Naughty Dogg, they love their fans and have offered a lot since the release of Uncharted 2. I see a bright future for this game and the developer cannot wait for their next project.

Wonderfulwest3009d ago

lest they have a funny side to them lol

lordkemp0073009d ago

This was done in honour of Gabe Newell to see himself, playing with himself.

This was done to show him how to programme for advanced hardware.

Gamer713009d ago


bjornbear3009d ago

people taking too seriously in here xD

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The story is too old to be commented.