Steam's early holiday sale, round 3

It's that time again, Steam's countdown for their 'early holiday' sale just ended, revealing yet another line-up of newly discounted games. The main attractions for today include Resident Evil 5 and Borderlands, dropped by 50% and 33%, respectively.

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Cajun Chicken3304d ago

I'm most tempted for the price slash of Left 4 Dead (1).

3304d ago
Setekh3304d ago


Definitely grab L4D1 if you don't have it, great co-op game.
That's a whole lotta game for only £6

lucifon3304d ago

No point getting L4D1 if you have L4D2 which was also on sale. I really couldn't go back to L4D1 now after playing the second.

Worst day of sales today, hopefully tomorrow will be better but the past 2 days have been pretty sweet just nothing cheap enough that I want/dont already have.

rawrockkillz3304d ago

I hope Shattered Horizon goes on sale in the next couple of days.

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