New Game Helps Real CSI Solve Crimes

Criminal investigation teams are about to go virtual with the announcement of brand new technology that will allow investigators to visit a 3-D gameworld and solve real-life crimes.

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cain1413307d ago

That's pretty hard to believe... Wow...

Ziriux3307d ago

I think it's useful to some degree of course. Well I'm thinking this is actually made by expert devs. that teamed up with top CSI agents to create a phenomenal product to replicate real CSI cases. The game that came out a few years ago did a great job, which I think inspired the design of something such as this game.

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RedDeadLB3307d ago

Will it be released for free?

Ziriux3307d ago

I don't think we'll get to play as a game that we can purchase. I'm pretty sure it'll be used by CSI agencies to crack cases.

A HiFi3307d ago

It's possible we'll see it in some form in the future. Might use a special version of it in recruitment drive too.

Ziriux3307d ago

Only way I can see this available to us is if it was offered on the PC than to some of us that are curious could play the game and see what it has to offer.

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Setekh3307d ago

Pretty cool, could do well as a game.