TheSixthAxis Review: Left 4 Dead 2

TheSixthAxis: 'I was a huge fan of Left 4 Dead, as you probably guessed from the multiple zombie-related articles and the new feature on Thursdays, which I imaginatively titled Zombie Thursday (I missed it this week – blame exams). However, when I found out that L4D2 would be releasing a mere year after release, I didn't quite know what to think. Then I read why Valve were doing this, and I got all excited.

You could say that Left 4 Dead was a testing bed to see whether or not the L4D style of play would be popular. Valve didn't want to waste money on making the full blown idea they had (which later became L4D2), as it was a huge risk, so they made a scaled down version of their utterly brilliant idea to see if people would enjoy the zombie-related coop. It turns out they did, so then Valve started making the sequel. You might say that L4D didn't need to be priced so highly, and I might agree, but some people are saying that L4D2 shouldn't be, at which I respectfully ask them to be quiet.'

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