Downloadable Games Getting Collector's Editions?

It seems that a whole new market is about to open up for downloadable games as the new Mystery Case Files will be available in Collector's Edition.

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RedDeadLB3303d ago

Companies just love milking people for every cent they have.. A shame..

Ziriux3303d ago

Yea, especially considering this game is a XBLA game, I would feel wrong about any kind of collectors edition.

A HiFi3303d ago

It's not XBLA, it's PC only.

3303d ago
A HiFi3303d ago

It's quite interesting. I reckon we'll start to see more of this. But then again, we must remember that Mystery Case Files is very popular.

Ziriux3303d ago

It is, and that is one thing that will make it more interesting to purchase a collectors edition. A no name arcade or downloadable I can understand, but a popular series like this that has it's followers could achieve success.

Fullish3303d ago

Yay? Probably not worth getting.

Ziriux3303d ago

If you're a follower of such series than it's every bit worth. Just like I got all the DLC for Fallout 3, but than again, Fallout 3 DLC was worth it since it brought quite a good amount of gamplay like the GTA IV episodes.

cain1413303d ago

If it's additional DLC then that's ok by me...

Ziriux3303d ago

Yea, but you'd actually pay for it?

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The story is too old to be commented.