Final Fantasy XIII - Introducing Cid Raines and Vanille's Summon Hecatoncheirs

It just wouldn't be Final Fantasy XIII without Cid!
Japan's Shonen Jump magazine has recently revealed Final Fantasy XIII's pretty, pouty-lipped Cid Raines. He is an officer of the Sanctum and wields a weapon similar to Lightning's, though he isn't entirely against the l'Cie and seems to have his own agenda. He also commands a fleet of airships and has an enormous one of his own.

The magazine also revealed Vanille's bizarre new earth summon, Hecatoncheir.

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Simon_Brezhnev3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

the gayest looking cid in all the FF's. he's suppose to look manly lol

dgroundwater3304d ago

Cid was a bastion of manliness in a world of metrosexuals. Now he's just like the rest ;(

Yarite3304d ago


eeerm I think you forgot the Oglop/Frog Cid in FFIX and the nerdy headmaster Cid from FFVIII.

I think he looks badass and his sword is awesome. First time Cid's had a typical Japanese haircut tho lol.

The other guy looks like Aragon from LOTR.

In this scan it looks like Oerba Vanille wants something :P

vhero3304d ago

wouldn't be an FF game without Cid.

Vivi3304d ago

^^ From that I prefer his in-game model to his CG render.

Cant wait to see how he will play in to the game.

Cid + Airships = Win.

Redempteur3303d ago

i don't think it will be playable ...

otherwise we would have seen him with the rest of the cast way sooner

xtreampro_REVENGE3303d ago


Which one is Cid?

The guy in the blue or the guy with a sword???

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housegroove763304d ago

I was wondering when they were going to show Cid. I guess now I know

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Nitrowolf23304d ago

hmm when i saw the trailer with him in it i thought he was the dude from FF13 versus

Timesplitter143304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Jesus Christ, what have they done to Cid?

It seems like Japan has become downright OBSESSED with girly men.

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