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brandynevils3306d ago

Yeah, a new story would be nice.

The_Savior3305d ago

Define "new."
Both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess had a radically different story to the minimalistic "Save princess, defeat Ganon" approach.

I think we can trust Nintendo to give us a unique, quality title.
After all, they've been doing so since 1986.

EvilTwin3305d ago

I'm with Savior; I just don't get how people think Twilight Princess was the same story as before. It was the deepest, longest story of any Zelda so far, and they managed to put in a sidekick that was actually endearing instead of annoying.

The wish for a GC version is just...strange. This Zelda is supposed to be the one that pushes the Wii to its absolute breaking point. We've already gotten a Wii/GC Zelda.

However, a steampunk dungeon would be interesting...

Dukeoffl3306d ago

I think the most important one would be Link getting laid.

mau643306d ago

I'm not sure they can make the game without some awesomely fantastical artifact that somehow gets shattered and spread to the 4 corners of the map... which just happen to lay many floors deep in a cavern that's either too cold, too hot, too jungley, or too spirity.

Ziriux3306d ago

I trust that the developer knows whats right and will make a quality title.

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dariusy3305d ago

I'd really like to see a drastically different approach to LOZ. Maybe something set in the future. Make it like FFVII was to the FF series. Give Link a motorcycle and some kind of lightsaber version of the Master Sword.

VenerableBmoney3305d ago

The franchise doesn't need a total reboot, it just needs to spread its wings into different plot opportunities. And like Savior said, Nintendo has never really been a total letdown with one of it's flagship brands.

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