Yeah, I'm still a PC gamer

Tim Schiesser from The PC Report analyses why he still loves his PC for gaming: "We live in a world where the mighty console seems to dominate the gaming world – more games are made for them, there are larger communities for consoles and they're cheaper and easier to access – but that hasn't stopped me from continuing to use my PC to enjoy the latest games. Why? Well, here are just a few reasons why I stick with the good ol' PC for my gaming needs.

Foremost in my passion for PC gaming are the games themselves, which contrary to popular belief do actually keep being released for PC. People are always talking about the death of the PC..."

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Nathan Drake23251d ago

wow,so many exclusives for pc in 2009.i'm so bitter because i can't play them.first he is talking about pc as a gaming platform and later he's bragging that he can watch movies,surf internet and other.
pc is dead.even infinity ward don't giva a sh*t about pc gamers.why many copies of mw2 has sold on pc?it's a joke compare to consoles.the biggest games always first come on consoles and then later on pc(gta 4,re5,ac 2).
every multiplat game is selling much less on pc despite lower prices of games.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3251d ago

Consoles are for games and PC's are for everything else. PC gaming is dead. Only graphic whores, pirates and hacker prefer PC's to play games.

Consoles have constant release of new games, are smaller, cheaper and more convenient. No upgrades involved, no compatibility issues, all the game play as they should, etc.

Pandamobile3251d ago

I'm sorry you guys don't know how to put together a decent rig, you're really missing out.

Oh and if you'd like I can also find the numbers that prove PC gaming is the most profitable platform right now with over 10 billion dollars in sales in 2008 and it's only going up.

So yea. Keep playing the PC gaming is 'dead' part because if that were the case, console gaming would be dead a long time ago.

Sunny_D3251d ago

Seriously, I'm a console owner but a Pc is always more attractive to me for the awesome games and all the amazing things you can do. (Dedicated servers,mods) etc... I just wish I had a decent PC. :(

Mista T3251d ago

hey Pandamobile where did you learn how to make a rig? I want to get into that

xTruthx3251d ago

Its real ez, i though it would be hard when i started to build comps with no knowledge but it wasn't. You just buy every part you want and install it ur self, its real cheap.

Pandamobile3251d ago

There's guides all over the place. I'm sure you can find some good video tutorials on Youtube and get some more indepth documentation on other sites. I can help you if you want.

TheIneffableBob3251d ago

The motherboard's manual actually goes step-by-step on how to build a PC. At least my ASUS motherboard's manual did.

Mista T3251d ago

thanks guys I'll get into it, what graphics card should I use?

toaster3251d ago

DO NOT go into a computer store and buy a premade rig. Those are usually crappier and you are overpaying. Snoop around the internet and look for some guids but don't use just one. Mix and match to see which parts are the best and which parts are in your price range.

For the Graphics card I suggest an nVidia 9800 GTX or the ATI equivalent ATI Radeon HD 4850. Both are under $200 and they are good cards for whats on the market right now.

dirthurts3251d ago

Obviously a Sony Fanboy, but I'll comment anyway.
Even though the Modern Warfare on Pc was stripped down significantly from the past games...
It was still better than the PS3 version, or the 360 version. No competition.

Just saying...

Hisiru3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

"Only graphic whores, pirates and hacker prefer PC's to play games.

Consoles have constant release of new games, are smaller, cheaper and more convenient. No upgrades involved, no compatibility issues, all the game play as they should, etc."

You can disagree but what he said is true. Also:
No Uncharted series
No Gears Of War 3
No Killzone 2
No Halo 3
No Gran Turismo 5
No Forza 3
No Heavy Rain
No Alan Wake
No Little Big Planet
No Banjo Kazooie
No White Knight Chronicles
No Lost Odyssey
No Bayonetta
No Final Fantasy XIII

I can continue all the day because a lot of multiplatforms are coming for the consoles and not for the PC, which proves that piracy is hurting some developers.

Do a favour for yourself and stop being a graphics whore. Go buy a PS3 and an xbox 360 or your gaming experience won't be complete.

Pandamobile3251d ago

Okay, so you want some PC exclusive games?

No Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2, or 2142.
No Counter Strike Source
No Day of Defeat
No Garry's Mod
No World in Conflict
No Company of Heroes
No Crysis/Crysis Warhead
No Arma / Arma 2
No Warcraft games at all
No Sims
No Civilization series
No Starwars: KOTOR
No Dawn of War
No Aion
No EVE Online
No Diablo series
No Starcraft series

And no mods of any kind.

I can continue all the day. :)

Hisiru3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

-Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2, or 2142. (consoles already has a better FPS than this and will have bad company 2)
-Counter Strike Source (console already has a better FPS than this old game)
-Day of Defeat (consoles already has a better FPS than this old game)
-Garry's Mod (what is this? I never played it)
-World in Conflict (good but not great)
-Company of Heroes (good)
-Crysis/Crysis Warhead (meeeeeeeehh, Crysis = graphics, this game is boring as hell)
-Arma / Arma 2 (meh)
-Warcraft games at all (ok, big exclusive)
-Sims (I prefer the old Sim City games on the snes because it's harder than Sim City 4 and I don't waste my time with The Sims)
-Civilization series (ok, big exclusive)
-Starwars: KOTOR (great game)
-Dawn of War (good game)
-Aion (meh)
-EVE Online (meh)
-Diablo series (I don't care, except for Diablo 3)
-Starcraft series (ok, big exclusive indeed)

Do you have a better list?

It's just my opinion (obviously) but it seems like PC isn't worth my $800 (or more because PC is a very expensive platform and has a lot of upgrades).

evrfighter3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

lol Battlefield 2 and Counter-strike by themselves demolish any fps ever released on a console. No console fps in our generation will be able to stand in the same realm as either one of those.

While Diablo, starcraft, warcraft, and Company of Heroes, Age of Empires destroys any kind of RTS games you will E-V-E-R see on a console.

If you want a real simulator there's Microsoft Flight Simulator and not that cheesy Gran Turismo arcade racer.

I mean seriously

PS3's GoTY candidate is a Tomb Raider ripoff LOL.

I spent the last 2 days playing Dawn of War and Company of Heroes.

The THQ pack was the best $50 I've ever spent on a game. Or in this case 18

Boom goes the dynamite.

tgh machines3250d ago

KOTOR 1 and 2 were on the xbox (any can be played on the 360), FYI.

ReservoirDog3163250d ago

Really, best combination is to just have everything. PS3, 360, Wii and a good pc. You don't have one and you're gonna miss out on something. Period. Course, that obviously is pretty expensive.

I don't have a good pc (mine can barely play HL2) but no one can deny that having a good pc has its fair share of ups.

BattleAxe3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I used to game on a PC about 10 years ago with Mech Warrior 3, Command and Conquer Gold, C&C Red Alert and C&C Tiberium Wars, and it was a blast, but I just bought a new gaming PC about 1 1/2 months ago because my old PC died on me. My experience so far with PC gaming on my new PC has been mixed for these reasons:

1. Loved the graphics in Crysis and the single player campaign was just ok. The multi-player was terrible.

2. Always wanted to play either the XBOX 360 or PC version of GRAW because the PS2 version sucked, so I downloaded it from Direct 2 Drive only to find out that many keyboard commands don't work. Many other people have had the same problem on the forums, but there doesn't seem to be a fix.

3. I keep reading in the forums about games I'm interested having compatibility issues, or levels locking up or screens going black ect... I tried to install Far Cry 1 using vista 64 and it wasn't compatible even in windows XP compatibility mode and as an administrator.

4. The lack of controller support on alot of games is a real downer. I hate using a mouse and keyboard for anything other then RTS games. Even though you can download Xpadder, its just another hoop to jump through. If the PC is so easy to develop for, then I don't see why they can't support controllers. Even though Crysis had native controller support, they did a poor job with the layout and things like not being able to toggle crouch and not being able to untoggle aim. I absolutely can't stand using the keyboard for FPS games, but I don't mind the mouse part of it.

So far gaming has been a bit of a pain with a couple of games I really wanted to play. In the way of exclusive games for PC theres nothing that I'm into or looking forward to. I was hoping to buy Gears of War for PC, but its been discontinued because of all the bugs it had. Crysis was ok, but despite its fantastic graphics, it doesn't hold a candle to Killzone 2 in terms of gameplay both online and single player. Theres not much of a gap graphically between KZ2 and Crysis.

At the end of the day I still really prefer my PS3 over my PC for gaming. The games always work the way they're supposed to without any messing around, obviously controllers are standard and there is a huge online gaming community. Downloaded games are always problem free and I've really taken a liking to trophies.

Now I know someone will mention Steam has achievements and great deals on games and a big gaming community, but still you have buggy games , compatibility issues and poor controller support. I think that controller support is key in growing PC gaming, because most people don't want to be hunched over a desk. For now PC gaming is for the hardcore PC gamer. I hope that there will be some great games that come out on PC in the future that really interest me like maybe S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Prypyat(must have controller support), but for now I will continue to buy all multi platform games for my PS3 because the graphics are still excellent and the games work every time.

y0haN3250d ago

BattleAxe you want to use a controller for FPS = stick to consoles.

STONEY43250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

"-Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2, or 2142. (consoles already has a better FPS than this and will have bad company 2)"

Bad Company 2 is basically an extremely dumbed down Battlefield 2. BC2 has only 24 players, BF2 has up to 64. BC2 has much smaller maps and about 3 vehicles on each team, BF2 has huge maps and enough vehicles around for most of the team. Gameplay is also really different. In BC2 you can run n gun with no problem, if you tried that in BF2 you would get mowed down. The only thing BC2 has over BF2 is the graphics.

"-Counter Strike Source (console already has a better FPS than this old game)"

Have you even played it? CS has some of the best mod support in any game ever made, and an extremely large community. Even if you get bored of the standard gameplay, there are so many mods and maps out there that this game could last forever.

"-Crysis/Crysis Warhead (meeeeeeeehh, Crysis = graphics, this game is boring as hell)"

More than half the people who say Crysis is boring or generic are peope who have never actually played the game. By you're logic, Halo 3 would be boring and generic. Extremely narrow level design, very short campaign, and also very easy. Where's the fun in that? Crysis has huge, open levels, a 15-20 hour campaign, and the physics allow for almost limitless possibilities since everything is destructible and the suit allows you to pick anything up and throw it. Can you do that in Halo 3? Or any console game?

Darkfocus3250d ago

I agreed with you but that statement about uncharted was very unnecessary its a much much better game than Tombraider

T3L3PROOF3250d ago

I have respect for PC because that is whereI began to enjoy FPS Multiplayer, the game that got me going was Battlefield 2, man that game was amazing.

If only they could re- build Battlefield 2 into a console.
To be honest, I do not like the new battlefields,they just lost their touch. And PC gaming is extremely fun, I mean for COD4, You could create your own levels! and that was only for PC, you know how fun it is to have someone play in a level you created?! Well I just think with the PC, there is much more fun in terms of, "creativity" or "variety" just because developers allow you to mod the games. In console however, you must just stick to what is in the game, unless there is Downloadable Content. So it is kind of boring, but console is not bad, just not as fun as playing on PC.

majorsuave3250d ago

At MrT

check out at they have a lot of tutorials including how to build your rig and infos on what parts should or shouldn't go with together.
They also have some reviews for parts (cases, PSUs, chips, graphic cards...)

BattleAxe3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

After another year or 2 I'm sure Games for Windows will take over and controllers will be standard on PC games. By not making PC games more accessable to the harcore console community and casual gamers, the devs are killing the PC off as a viable and profitable gaming platform. Right now the devs only care about people who have been gaming on PC for years. Personally I could care less about mods. Even though I'll be doing a bit of PC gaming here and there, I'll probably never bother with that stuff. I just want to play the game that the devs have spent so much time on crafting an experience.

I think eventually everything will move back to the PC including things such as The Playstation Network. PS Cloud will probably compete with ONLIVE. I actually support growth in the PC industry, but right now its terrible how many games have technical problems and how there is very little standardisation. Its really funny to me why PC gamers are so against the use of controllers. If the devs were to actually do a good job at implimenting controllers on PC games as they do on consoles then I think you guys would change your minds. When I play CoD I am quite accurate. People talk about auto aim, and to be honest there is no such thing, you actually have to aim with a controller. But hey, if you doubt what I'm saying then all you keyboard guys should at least try to play on a PS3 and see how bad you get your ass wooped. I know that Panda shoots his mouth off all the time about consoles, but the guy has probably never touched a dual shock controller in his life. And like I say, you can't compare using a controller on PC as compared to consoles simply because the devs don't either know how, or take the time to put out proper controller support on PC.

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steelcaress3251d ago

Ahhh...yeah, the console is cheaper, but the games themselves are more expensive. In the long run, I'd be spending more on the console than the PC itself. And the PC? Infinitely more useful.

PC games head down to about $20 after their time is past. Walkthroughs are out for them by then, and, at any time I can surf the net, write an email, watch a DVD disk, burn a DVD disk, code, or write a paper without having to leave my seat. Can an Xbox or PS3 user really say the same? NO.

Nah. Consoles are a fad. If you've bought into 'em, you're lowing with the rest of the sheep.

3251d ago
BattleAxe3250d ago

Consoles are a fad? Thats funny, I'm 33 years old, and I've been playing console games ever since I was a kid. Whether it be the Atari 2600, the NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, PS1, PS2 or PS3. I hardly think they're a fad.

4lenangel3251d ago

At least DICE still cares about the PC gamers out there.

TheBand1t3251d ago

Anyone know where I can get a trackball? I'm trying to get one to see if it's better than a mouse.

Heard it's more precise.

Sunny_D3251d ago

You mean the mouses with a ball underneath? Well, I'd say a laser one is much better.

Darkfocus3251d ago

really I don't see why any one would use a trackball over a mouse then again maybe I'm just not used to them but they don't seem very practical for games

zagibu3250d ago

Trackballs more precise? You've got to be kidding...

Trackballs are for applications where you have to do many and long scrollings. I've used one in the army on a system that was designed to work on large geographical maps, and it was practical there.

Also, trackballs are mices where the ball sticks out at the top, and has the mass to keep rolling a little, once you've set it in motion.

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