Dead to Rights: Retribution, too violent for developers

This time bring you more news, a developer diary on Dead to Rights: Retribution, shows us Galvert Dan the manager art of characters saying:

"We talked about extreme combat with an incredible amount of violence"

Apparently the game is so violent that the crew had to lower the severity of the scenes to present the characters a bit more stylish.

Even if you see the following video, courtesy of IGN, the game still looks pretty violent. Incredible action scenes with a very strong visual burden in times of attacks and fights.

This game will be out next year.

The video below:

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cyguration3279d ago

It's just a better looking version of the past titles. Jack was pretty brutal in the first two games. Not to mention, this third game has some odd looking weapons that makes the whole thing seem a bit cartoony. 0_o