Is 360 Dead This Holiday Season?

Ironstarmovement: "After the apparently strong showing PS3 has had this Black Friday, many claim that 360 is on its last stride and falling to it's death. I believe Microsoft has hit its peak along time ago; but its way too early to be deciding this current generation."

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YungXclusive2K93277d ago

"Ironstarmovement is about embracing the gaming industry as a whole. It is okay to have a preference for gaming; our mission is to unite all gamers on common ground regardless of their differences utilizing this network. As it stands we are sick and tired of the non-sense between these console debates."


knifefight3277d ago

No way man, buying a console enlists you on a team; and if your team sells more, it wins and you get points and prizes. Didn't you hear?

Zedux3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

for the rejoice of some yes it's dead! but sadly for MS they are in trouble with their gaming division!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Me: Knock-Knock...

N4G: Who's there?...

Me: Reality...

pixelsword3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

...those are good points from a financial standpoint, but profit and sales are different in the console industry and do not necessarily mean success because one or the other is up or down; oftentimes, a console has to be in the red at first irregardless of how much it sales and then sells until the tech gets cheaper and then when it goes in the black, it's an overall success.

My personal opinion is that if the 360 is in second place (or third) it's still in the running, just like the PS3 is now; as something can come down the line and make a console shoot to second (or first); or something can come out to make a console rebound from third.

Either way, I gets no cash from it so I really only care a little.

whoelse3277d ago

The 360 still has life yet. But we MAY have passed the point where the 360 ever outsells the PS3 in EU and of course Japan.

Skip_Bayless3277d ago

360 is past its prime. 2007 was 360s best year. Whereas the PS3 gets better and better every year.

Xeoset3277d ago

The Xbox 360 owns both the United States and United Kingdom markets, the two BIGGEST markets out there.

The PS3 sells an extra, what, 10K a week in Japan? Yet their stand as a market is falling dramatically fast; odd considering it used to be the largest and is now about to lose third place.

Europe? It's up in arms, Spain and Germany embrace the PS3 while France and Italy hold 360 as their top console.

Microsoft are the ONLY gaming devision to actually PROFIT this year. Sony and Nintendo LOST money.

Jesus Christ: AMAZON IS NOT THE WORLD. Use your own f'ing advice.

Cupid_Viper_33276d ago

"Ironstarmovement is about embracing the gaming industry as a whole. It is okay to have a preference for gaming; our mission is to unite all gamers on common ground regardless of their differences utilizing this network. As it stands we are sick and tired of the non-sense between these console debates."

I don't agree at all.

As soon as the ps3 is kicking ass now all of a sudden they want peace?
No, here something better, how about justice first, then peace. Which in this case means that let them eat as much HUMBLE PIES as possible, and right before they burst we call "PEACE".

People like FIRSTKNIGHGT, MURDER HIM, POWER OF GREEN, BLADESTAR, GEC, La Chance, PRO MLG, and countless others need to learn to keep their mouth shut.

n4gno3276d ago

XEOset "The PS3 sells an extra, what, 10K a week in Japan?"

ARe all the xbox fans living in a dream world ?

In 2,3 months, it's more than 500 k more machines sold in japan (and since the "slim", 30 000 more than xbox each weeks !), and it's just the beginning (ff13 say hello)

Genesis53276d ago

Well it doesn't help MS cause when one of their PR people come out and say that after the PS3's strong sales in Septemper. "We fully expect the PS3 to return to third place in sales for the rest of the year"

It's hard not to rub it in a little bit. I know the gamers should just game and leave trash talking to the PR people. There is nothing wrong with cheering for your team though.

shawnsl653276d ago

If halo can't save the 360, it's pretty much dead.

sikbeta3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I only wanna know what xbox 360 diehards will say when PS3 surpass xbox 360...

SO MUCH HATE during 3 consecutive years
SO MUCH BASH against a consoles without any reason
SO MUCH DISRESPECT against others

INSTEAD of enjoy gaming...

Got2bemad2behere3276d ago

this is not the idead of free market. WTF you think would happen if the Xbox was the only console, or the PS3. Microsoft or Sony could demand any price from the gamers. As long as there is rivalry between the consoles there will be developing.

ultimolu3276d ago

"Jesus Christ: AMAZON IS NOT THE WORLD. Use your own f'ing advice."

Getting angry there aren't you? Nobody said that Amazon equals the world. Amazon is a good indicator of how systems are doing for the holiday season and all year round. Yes it's not an indicator of sales. It's an estimate of what to expect.

And you 360 fans act like the U.S is the world. Getting a taste of your own medicine, yes? All this time you guys were flailing over sales. Now you don't want to hear squat.

I don't think the 360 is dead but Microsoft needs more than Gears and Halo to convince people that their system is the better choice.

And seriously, your comment about Japan? That's really laughable. Obviously when FFXIII comes, the PS3's sales are going to skyrocket.

DaTruth3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Dead would mean they are selling very few consoles. 360 will probably clear a million consoles easy this Christmas... That is hardly dead!

Just like PS3 wasn't dead when it was selling less than 360; 360 isn't dead when it is selling less than PS3.

Eventually MS will cut the price or something else and competition will be alive again. And gamers will continue to reap the rewards of competition.

I don't need the 360 to die, I just want a decisive PS3 win so the 360 fanboys can eat it for the next 2 years like we had to listen to their crap!

I hate "teh 360 iz doomed" articles almost as much as I hate PS3 is teh doomed articles!

Why o why3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


my facetious side likes to say and remind people that ps3 fans have had to deal with this crap since launch but the truth is its still annoying. Seems some cant take it when the shoes on the other foot.

4Sh0w3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

The same blog poster who posted "Sony Has Microsoft Sweating", lol Brandon Timberland Brown clearly has a thing for sony,
http://www.ironstarmovement... what I don't understand is why some blogs by folks who are not developers are allowed and why some are not.

blogz4fanboyzz3276d ago

you made a reasonable asessment(check spelling) about things, then went into sony fanboy mode, and let everybody know that it actually hurts you when you a "ps3 is doomed article"

not only that, you want the xbox fans to "eat it" lol eat what exactly??

why oh why: didn't you say to me last week i was taking n4g too seriously? it seems to me that you and other like da truth ae taking this console war too seriously! trust me fellas, it's only a console! and a fanboys a fanboy no matter what console and company he adores!

anyway, i would just like to bring my name to the attention of the non-fanboys in this thread...coz that is undoubtably what this rubbish so-called article really is.

another day, another sh!t blog on blogs4fanboys

DevastationEve3276d ago

I don't think this is about taking sides. I think this about people who refuse to face the reality that Xbox 360 was and still is THE origin of some of the great fundamentals of this generation

*connectivity for HD video and 5.1 audio for gaming and movies
*home network and entertainment connectivity options (Media Center, dashboard access to connected devices)
*wifi accessories and options for customization/budget
*headset shipping with the console, plus SKUs built for different gamer needs
*Xbox Live, the world's premiere console online gaming experience
*movies, games, trailers, and tons of other DLC offered through Xbox Live
*extensive game library that covers all genres, plus tons of great XBL Arcade games

ABizzel13276d ago


It's just that the PS3 has all the thunder right now, and the 360 is getting left out.

lowcarb3276d ago

Ok so now the 360 is loosing lol. You guys will say anything to help you sleep at night. PS3 is still in 3rd and if it so happens to pass 360 who cares because by your own words sales do not matter or do they? Xbox is doing much better this gen and as soon as people outside N4g catch wind of what's to come the momentum will swing in it's favor or tie who cares. All the PS3 caught hell in the beginning crap is nothing more than a whiny excuse. This holiday will be great for all consoles so quit already with the sales talk ps3 fanboys.

KageMonkey3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat, the Microsoft financial statement is specifically tailored to trick people into believing the 360 is profitable. It should have been completely _obvious_ that Microsoft's statements are completely _fabricated_.

If I made a product that requires $3 of service for each product sale and I sold 100 of them at $1 each, if I said, "Oh look, I just made $100 profit!!! Invest into my company!" Who would be stupid enough to put money into a company who makes $100 profit, while losing $300 of service cost in the process?

Did you forget about the $3 BILLION cost incurred on Microsoft's financial statement 2 years ago? The reason why Microsoft rolled the humongous cost into their previous financial statement is to make it look like they are doing well right now.

This tricks investors into investing into their otherwise poor business plan. It is underhanded business like these that is bad for any industry.

It hurts both the investors and consumers as money is poured into a console that doesn't really deserve investment; it tricks investors into putting money into old generation hardware and props up the pay-to-play-online model.

Worst of all, having investments going into a fragile console that RRODs all the time makes it an industry norm that consoles should break. Microsoft's anti-competitive business tactics are detrimental to the console industry as a whole.

tatotiburon3276d ago

microsoft won 2006, 2007, 2008 Christmas over sony, PS3 will have it first christmas strong sales since launch but microsoft will have good sales dead? i don't think so.

3276d ago
jack_burt0n3276d ago

*wifi accessories and options for customization/budget


I like it, wow, not taking sides but that is just weak no 1 i know owning one would say that.

The official MS HDD have special fairy dust sprinkled over them to increase their value LOL

Why o why3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

@ tat

'microsoft won 2006, 2007, 2008'....explain how a GAP closes again, games or hardware...take ur pick;)

@ blogz4fanboyzz

does my comment really read that seriously...Ive just stated that my playful side likes to say 'have some of that B!tche$' BUT articles like these are still annoying EVEN if they aren't about ps3 whilst noticing the irony of some peoples comments here.

@ lowcarb

dude, id rather STAY in 3rd place and have sony's games than be in 2nd and have such huge gaps in quality games with such little variety. Its true we cant play sales but SOME will play SOME 360 guys own card against them like they did with exclusives and graphics/technical prowess....remember those ol ;) Its called fudge packing btw;)

Saaking3276d ago

Not quite dead, but not as popular as before. With the price advantage gone, MS is screwed. They can't sell their system based on multiple features or quality or games. They need to drop the price even more or people will just go to PS3.

zeeshan3276d ago

I hope for my and gamer's sake that M$ never dies. We need competition. If anything, I'd love to see more companies jump in like Apple! A healthy competition drives all kinds of benefits for us gamers :)

360 is not dead and won't die but PS3 is going to do a hell lot better than a lot of people expect and it'll continue to outsell 360 from here on end unless of course NATAL pulls something fantastic!

soxfan20053276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

It's still 2009 and there are already as many 360 console exclusives confirmed for 2010 (5) as were released in 2009 - Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell, Crackdown 2, & Alan Wake.

Plus, Fable 3 & Project Gotham Racing 5 are highly likely to release in 2010. Plus, MS usually has a big announcement at E3 in June - maybe Gears of War 3.

MS has never released a Halo and Gears title in the same year - 2010 may be that year. Add in Fable 3, and three of MS's biggest franchises will see releases in a single year.

MS doesn't even need Natal to succeed - 2010 will be a strong year based just on the games.

lowcarb3276d ago

"dude, id rather STAY in 3rd place and have sony's games than be in 2nd and have such huge gaps in quality games with such little variety. Its true we cant play sales but SOME will play SOME 360 guys own card against them like they did with exclusives and graphics/technical prowess....remember those ol ;) Its called fudge packing btw;)"

What a weak argument lol. Reach, Alan Wake, Crack Down2, ME2, and Conviction are all solid games coming next year to name a few. I own all 3 consoles and would be a fool to think 360 doesn't have a huge variety. The whole graphics and technical prowess argument is stupid anyways and shouldn't be brought up. Alan Wake alone is proof that 360 has some power up it's sleeve. You go ahead and keep fighting your silly console wars sad old man. Personally I would never take advice from anyone on this site that attacked the choices of others. In other words get a life sheesh!

eagle213276d ago

Unless 360 fans are boderline delusional, you have to agree that NOTHING coming before next fall on 360 will generate more interest in buying 360 than those.

Meanwhile, Sony has TWO HUGE guns coming bigger than most fall releases: Gran Turismo 5 and God Of War III. Wow, those will ignite ps2 owners to buy PS3 in boatloads. FFXIII will do more for PS3 sales than 360 can dream of! Now I could list way more PS3 games coming but my point is the significance of the sure fire "system seller".

Anon19743276d ago

2007 was the 360's best year. Even what what we've seen lined up for 2010 it pales in comparison to the 2007 lineup. A camera for party games isn't going to change that magically overnight.

And really, why would anyone buy a 360 at this point? Any consumer that's done his research knows the PS3 is a much better value for the money. Free online, better exclusives, Blu-Ray, DivX and rock solid hardware? Let's be realistic here. Other than a slightly bigger library because it's been out longer (meaningless at this point with the amount of games out on both systems) what has the 360 got going for it? To play the bulk of it's games 100%, which are available on the PS3 anyway, you have to pay subscription fees to XBL? And what do you get? Cross game chat that's coming the PS3 anyway?

Please. There's a reason why the 360 posted it's worst sales quarter in two years the quarter before last, and it's last quarter still showed year over year declines. It's because the PS3 is now better priced.

Party's over.

Why o why3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

what are u babbling about now. Im not attacking anything but the 09 lineup was weak by 360 fans own opinion.

Graphics shouldn't get brought up....wonder why because i remember a time when it was all the rage for 360 fans so don't act ignorant like graphics dont mean anything anymore just because those type of games have been lacking on the 360. I didnt say the 360 couldn't produce great graphics its just that the ps3 has produce more games of a higher graphical AND technical standpoint in less time so i understand the shift in goalposts.

Both sony AND ms's 2010's line ups look great but i specifically said i wouldn't want to go through a year with huge gaps and a lack of variety and that's what 09 was like for 360 fans.

The 360 has variety yes just not as much as sony especially if you ignore the 3rd party games, still shooter dependent.

Finally, how can one of the most notorious n4g fanboys tell another dude to get a life....Learn to read without getting all offended and defensive to the point where YOU start attacking others preferences then being hypocritical about it.

DaTruth3276d ago

Don't know how you could have possibly gotten that from what I said, but that is exactly the stupid crap that comes out of 360 fanboys mouth that makes me want them to eat it(their words, crow).

Please don't project your hurt feelings from this article on to me! It doesn't have to be taken seriously for me to be annoyed by 360 fanboys invading PS3 news to talk their crap and flame up the topic!

Since PS3 has been dominating the charts; You guys are conspicuously absent. When PS3 crushes the 360, it needn't die, just have you guys more conspicuously absent in even more topics till my annoyance is gone completely!

ozone30003276d ago

thank you for your neutrality ironstarmovement

The 13276d ago

I'm sure PS3 sold very well but writing this ridiculous pro Sony and anti MSFT rubbish because a few fanboys cherry picked some reports of black friday sales is stretching it. PS3 is selling well because it has a HD DVD player(BDD) in it.

HolyOrangeCows3276d ago

Dead? No.
Uninteresting next to its competition and on the decline? Definitely.

The 13276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

360 is selling well, declining? lol PS3 is selling better at the moment that does not = decline.

Lets wait for the numbers before we take these articles serious.

Will/did PS3 outsell the 360 and the Wii this weekend because of the lack of fanboy media and gamers writing and posting cherry picked articles?

Oh nozzz, there are no reports of the Wii or the 360 selling well, this means PS3 has outsold the Wii and the 360 lol

Unicron3276d ago

Don't you guys get tired of arguing the same sh1t day in day out?

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TheTruth20093277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Let's wait for official numbers before we start jumping the gun on claiming that the XBOX360 is "dead this holiday season".

Let's be real here... PS3 WILL outsell the XBOX360 this holiday season. Of course it will. The Slim just released, and the momentum should carry it through the holidays. It'll do well. Better than Microsoft. And Microsoft knows this. Microsoft has its fanbase and will do as well as they did last year. It's just that Sony will do better. Microsoft understands that 2010 is where it's at, and are willing to sacrifice a little cushion. Sony HAD to release the Slim in 2009. Next year won't be pretty for PS3. And they know it.

Sales will be good, but it won't be a great boost to Sony's bottom line, however.

They lose money on EVERY PS3 that is sold, and Sony Fans don't buy games. That's the beauty of being in threads like these prior to Holiday Season numbers. Now, it's time to put up or shut up.

I have constantly said that the PS3 doesn't move software.
I have also said that the MAJORITY of PS3 purchases are made for the BluRay player.

Sony Fans disagree.

So when the November and December software numbers come out for PS3, I want to see those AAA titles that you all keep talking about. I want to see the MAJOR 2009 titles top NPD for those months.

Killzone 2
Ratchet & Clank - A Crack In Time
Uncharted 2
God of War Collection
Demon's Souls

These titles should be scattered throughout the NPD report over the next two months.

Let's see if the general public agrees with you that "IT'S ABOUT THE GAMES".
PS3's games to be more specific.

I'll be waiting... :-)

Because you may think that people (the gaming public) care. But I think...


3277d ago
airfoemoe3277d ago Show
EpicGamerSwordsman3277d ago

With the amount of BS you put on your post's that nobody bothers to read.. do you really have anything better to do???

weazel3277d ago

.Haha! Nothing to do again I see. Well done son. Prove that you really are the gimmer who still lives in his mom's basement with nothing else to do. That'll show us all!!

El Botto3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Since then, everyone who is not a fanboy, could have seen the massive decline of the 360.

They (MS) tried to hide this fact by cutting prices and doing "PS3 sucks, our version of this game is "better""- crap but one cannot hide the truth and the facts. Eventually the facts will emerge.

PS3 is simply better on every aspect. Has more varied games and genres, more exclusives, simply BETTER games, more RECOGNISED brands, Blu Ray, technologically superior and a larger fanbase.

360 is done. Gonna be dead. Failtal is gonna be a massive hype and disappoint. Failtal will not deliver. There are serious doubts as to whether there will ever be a new generation MS console (I doubt it), but even if there will be a 720, it will end up DEAD LAST 3rd spot again, like aways.

Its always going to be an inferior alternative. Period.

n to the b3276d ago

the only 'Wall of Fail' I see here is the bitter SDF slinging more insults rather than argue a valid point. as usual they'd rather sling lame comments at 360 fans and stroke each other off (see: silverbeld & Delta) than try to make sense. u people make me lol.

damnightmare3276d ago

I think you are the worst fanboy on this damn site. Why do you even bother writing such long winded posts, is it because no one wants to hear you maybe and you have to keep everything to your 1-2 bubbles?

Btw that guy Rocco with the 4-5 accounts posting here, you got no life bud.

I always love reading the Open Zone :)

DonCorneo3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

and will be buried when GT5 comes out in march

time to jump out, bots

AngryTypingGuy3276d ago

I think TheTruth is right in that a lot of people bought the PS3 for Blu Ray alone. The key word is "bought"...past tense. Now, you can get stand alone Blu Rays for a lot cheaper. People that buy the PS3 today get it for the total package, movies and games.

Theoneneo813276d ago

1.1 you get a disagree for making my eyes hurt with that crazy long and pointless rant

GiantEnemyCrab3276d ago

haha and there you go losing all your bubbles doing the same thing these dbags do all the time just sub PS3 for 360. Funny thing is there bubbles don't go away!

If that isn't serious butt hurt I don't know what is..

Azerach3276d ago

I can't wait for TheTruth2010... /sarcasm

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-OmarJA-3277d ago

No but it's simply can't compete with the PS3 & the Wii.

silverbeld3277d ago

Yep not dead yet. But it will get a SLOWLY DEAD. :)

LONEWOLF2313276d ago

pshhhh yeah keep telling yourself that.
Its as they say keep telling yourself and others the same lie and even you will start to believe it to be true. MS is not and will never die.

Dukeoffl3277d ago

With Major releases like Bioshock 2, Crysis 2, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, and many others that don't just match, but strongly overcome PS3 in pre-orders and sales, I doubt the Xbox 360 will be 'dead' for a long time. With the newest updates to Live that include facebook, twitter,, and more, not to mention the greatly anticipated arrival of Project Natal next year, Xbox definitely isn't going anywhere.

Darkeyes3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Bioshock 2-ON PS3
Crysis 2 on PS3
L4D2- Best played on PC
MW2 On PS3
SC:C on PC

Here is what 360 misses out on in the near future...
God Of War 3
Heavy Rain
FF vs 13
Resistance 3 (TBA)
Killzone 3 (TBA)
Infamous 2 (TBA)

You are right about 360 not going anywhere, but saying that PS3 doesn't have an equal or arguably the better line up is being delusional. But again the 'SALEZ' come into picture as the last resort from a desperate 360 fanboy trying to find something to throw at PS3.... Here's a task for you.... Apart from Halo and Gears, which 360 games has sold those number please enlighten me....

ME1-2 million
Crackdown 2- below 2 million
Forza 3- 1 million (good numbers, but nowhere near GT sales)

Just cause a game doesn't sell 5 million in 1 month doesn't make it a flop.

-DeathWraith-3277d ago

Because sales equal the best thing ever am I right?


I won't say it'll be dead, but you'd be a fool to say that it matches or even competes with what Sony have for their system.

When considering your average gamer, let alone journalist. Would agree with that.

jkhan3277d ago

Bioshock 2, Crysis 2, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, & Modern Warfare 2 also on PS3. While Splinter Cell Conviction & Left 4 Dead 2 are on PC as well. Atleast list some exclusives dude like Halo Reach or PGR5 or Fable 3 or Alan Wake (if not on PC).

Secondly I think Project Natal will be much more than people believe it will be, not because of it's quality but because of it's marketing. Microsoft will market it like the most ground breaking piece of technology known to man. Whether it will live up to it's promise remains to be seen. Microsoft knows how to market it's products and it will market it like no tomorrow. As far as this year goes, it was a serious disappointment on exclusive content.

thereapersson3277d ago

Personally, I think Pandora is better than Last.FM, and I don't need to subscribe to an online service to utilize it. Just go to the Pandora site in the PS3's web browser, and you can listen to as much as you want.

Tachyon_Nova3277d ago

Erm, im pretty sure Crysis 2 can not be preordered yet, so where are you on that one?

DeejayTai3276d ago

how 360 owners always talk about Natal but no Ps3 owners rant on and on about Sony's 'Wand'. Why? Because it doesn't matter if the Wand flops or not, it's not Sonys last trick. Sony's gonna wreck shop even if there WAS no wand. 360 NEEDS NATAL to succeed badly(unless Alan Wake saves the day- oh wait, Heavy Rain's gonna stomp that)

keabrown793276d ago

I don't see how people don't think sales matter as they very much do... A system that sells more games gets more attention I.E lead platform, more polish but behind that version..

DaTruth3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

It is funny how suddenly motion controls are teh shiznit. When 360 fans have been bashing them on Wii for 3 years. For PS3 fans, it is more of surprise that they actually made it look good, and most of us are still in disbelief that it will translate into anything good for gamers and are expecting a casual crapfest!

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free3sixty3277d ago

Last renmant the so called FLOP for the droids here sold as much as R&C and Demons Souls together, lol.

ssipmraw3277d ago

goes to show that you bots are willing enough to buy trash

ultimolu3276d ago



You can't play sales dear. You can only play games. So how about *you* do that instead of spinning?