Blur: Sex sells? New promotion video released

New promotion video from the upcoming racing game Blur shows really nice models.

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3303d ago
RedDragan3304d ago

Any racing game that needs models... well that is a sign the gameplay sucks.

EvilBlackCat3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Dude... Who gives a fnck about that right now!

This ladies are HOT!!! and my brain right now its goiiiiiiiiiiing BLURRRRRRRRRRR....

OOOOHhhhh at 2:03

Tachyon_Nova3304d ago

@ 2.1: You realise you are on the internet right? You can get a near limitless supply of free porn but yet you drool over that?

In anycase, the original comment is on the mark, any game that resorts to some apparently hot models for an ad campaign must be bad, otherwise they'd show gameplay.

Maddens Raiders3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

people with one bubble cannot comment in the *gamer zone.

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FishCake9T43304d ago

Dead or Alive Extreame 2 anyone?

Bush3304d ago

*slap,slap,slap,slap,slap* Oh yeah does anybody have a paper towel?

Bush3303d ago

With my age i have to wake him up some how cold water does not do it anymore so i had to slap him silly to wake him up lol

John McCain3303d ago

at my age I have to use one of those police taser thingys.

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The story is too old to be commented.