PS2 is repeating itself with PS3, domination begins in 2010

Can anyone remember what it was like when Sony's Playstation 2 came on the scene? If you've been following the industry long enough, you would conclude that the PS3's launch was almost identical to that of its predecessor. People complained about the price, doom and gloom articles were all over the place, and developers moaned over the architecture of the then new hardware. It's the same with PS3 today, but look at what's happening now; Sony is set to dominate again, just like the PS2 before it and the comparisons invoke dejavu. We'll remind you.

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TheTruth20093304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I unfortunately read the article, and it fails to realize one big thing that ISN'T similar to the PS2's heyday...


XBOX 1 tried. Failed.
Dreamcast tried. Failed.
CD-I tried. Failed.
Gamecube tried. Failed.

But this time is different. The little boys are MEN now. :-)

Nintendo has secured the "casual market" that Playstation once commanded, and XBOX360 came out early and commanded the HD Market.

In addition, XBOX360 bought out the Third Party Franchises that made the Playstation 2 a juggernaut. Those franchises have not only been released on XBOX360, but they have outsold and in most cases, outshined their PS3 counterparts.

So sorry Gamethirst and myopic Sony Fans. It's over. This generation isn't and WON'T be anything like the last one.

Yes, Sony PS3 is doing a little better these days, but it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Hardware may be moving, but the software isn't. And that's a major problem for Sony in the short term AND the long term.

And by the way... Here comes XBOX360's 2010 lineup.

Splinter Cell.
Alan Wake.
Fable III.
Mass Effect 2.
Crackdown 2.
Possibly a rumored Gears of War 3.
Project Natal.
Halo Reach.

The PS3 Slim won't be aesthetically-pleasing to the mainstream with Microsoft having a futuristic peripheral on the Market with heavy adverts next year.

Good luck Sony Fans. You'll need it. :-)

And oh yeah... NO. ONE. CARES.

TheHater3304d ago


January - MAG

February - Star Ocean: The Last Hope International, Heavy Rain, and White Knight Chronicles

March - God of War 3 and GT5

April - EyePet: Your Virtual Pet

See, I can be a douche also.

Santa Hirai3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Men that RROD

"Nintendo has secured the "casual market" that Playstation once commanded, and XBOX360 came out early and commanded the HD Market."

Nintendo tho had hit a brick wall as people wont fall for the next nintendo gimmick as Sony will make sure of next gen and 360 commanded the HD market?

LMAO with what? 640p and HD-DVD your post is epic fail the 360 cant even do 1080p it never had a leg to stand on in the HD market.

Saaking3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Thetruth, answer me a question. Why has the PS3 been constantly outselling the 360 and also selling faster than the 360 since launch. You also seem to forget that the 360 has a ONE year head start which certainly compliments to it's lead against the PS3.

Without the one year, MS would be down the toilet right now and the 360 wouldn't have sold nearly as much. and YOU KNOW THAT. Don't act like the 360 is doing so great. MS has lost billions due to RROD and other hardware issues. They have almost non existant first parties and rely on their pockets to get games. IMO, the PS3 is the true and only successor to the PS2. The 360 will NEVER achieve the greatness that Sony managed to get with the PS1 and PS2.

In a few years, when we look back, we shall cherish our memories of the PS1 and PS2. We'll look back at games that revolutionized consoles such as Uncharted and Killzone. PlayStation will be remembered as a great console. What will be remember teh 360 as? We'll look back and say "yea, that's the console that broke."

LtSkittles3304d ago

Why do you care then?

2010 looks good for both Sony, and Microsoft, because they both have a good line-up of games. Seriously wait til 2010 is almost over before the sh1t coming out of your mouth turns out to be not sh1t, or sh1t. We don't know what will happen in 2010 yet, because it hasn't even started. Heavy Rain, or Alan Wake could disappoint, or they could very well change gaming forever. Stop spewing the same sh1t out. We get it, you're upset, because Sony fans don't support as much as you would like, and yet they still sell well over a period of time. I hope for your sake Natal is the best thing ever, or I am going to be laughing my ass off at the irony.

Shang-Long3304d ago

truth09 has one good pt and that is the competition is alot better then last gen.. serious any gamer should be able to recognize that

Saaking3304d ago

Competition from Nintendo only who decided to abandon it's loyal fans. MS isn't in anyway "competition. The PS3 has been selling MORE and FASTER than the could ever hope, not to mention the FACT that the 360 is ahead ONLY BECAUSE OF THE YEAR HEAD START.

Tell me something, if you're in a race and you start running 1 minute before your opponent. You're ahead right? But are you REALLY winning? No, you're just ahead not becuase of skill or training but becuase of a pathetic head start. What's worse is, that opponent has been training and STILL beats you. Now that's sad.

TheTruth20093304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Here's your history:

The XBOX360 was released on November 22nd, 2005.
A year later, on November 17th, 2006 when the PS3 released, the XBOX360 had sold approximately 5.5 million units of hardware.
That total is now over 7 million.

So this myth that the PS3 is selling MORE and FASTER than the XBOX360 is falling on deaf ears. When the price drop happened last year, the XBOX360 has been bludgeoning the PS3 in sales every month.

That is, until the desperate move by Sony of releasing the PS3 Slim.

Yes, PS3 has won a couple of months since the release, but that's to be expected.

Myopic Sony Fans like to use that argument to make themselves feel better: "PS3 is selling more in its third year than XBOX360 did in its third year! So that means it's selling MORE and FASTER than the XBOX360! SEE!"


The lead is still massive. And for the mighty Playstation to be subjected to using quotes like that only proves that Nintendo and Microsoft have already slayed the beast.

Not to mention, Sony Fans don't buy software. XBOX360 Fans DO. We support Microsoft AND the developers that provide us these terrific titles. Arcade titles too.

Why do you think you never see PSN title sales figures? Sony doesn't want the embarrassment of that comparison to XBOX Live.

So keep dreaming Sony Fans. You'll catch up right around 2014.

And by then, we won't care.

We'll be two years into playing the next iteration of Halo on the XBOX720 by then.


I'll be waiting for you next year when MAG flops. I saw the beta. That game WILL NOT succeed on any level. Sony Fans had better be prepared to answer for that forgetful title. The other games have a chance to sell well. Keep hyping MAG up so that we can tear you down later. :-)

Saaking3304d ago

Why didn't you support you're overhyped "definitive" racer then? It sold only 150k while KZ2 sold 350k+ in half the time. How do you explain that bot?

The Killer3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

get your fact right. MS confirmed 10 million lead when ps3 launched. whether thats the truth or not(Not of course) we will not know the real number they sold in 2006, it is estimated around 7.5 million but not 5.5 million!!

and we all know that there is 7 million defective 360's somewhere in the garages so basically ps3 is on par with 360 world wide sales with active consoles, and sales do speak for them self's of the multiplatform games, most multiplatform games perform better world wide on ps3 these days except if it was a shooter game since bots know only how to kill/aim/shoot and forza 3 is the proof(150K in 1 month(USA) LOOOL).

awesomeperson3304d ago

LOL. Your comments are so full of epic fail it actually makes me smile, thanks for that :)

So umm firstly. Your little NO.ONE.CARES. thing you put on every single one of your posts are actually contradicting yourself. Because you see your writing longer comments then most people here, and going into every single playstation article trying to spam it with useless information. If no one cares then why are you still posting? Oh wait I know, your an 8 year old kid who has an attention seeking appetite and think that using big words will make us think "Oh wow maybe some one called "TheTruth" is actually speaking the truth...

You wna know why you guys continually buy titles? Do you? You really think its because the whole gay 360 fanboy population have an undenyed love of developers? No. Its because no games on your platform can last a good few weeks without being boring. You post silly little sales informations on most of your posts, well maybe we don't buy as much as we're busy on other titles (or have a life). But hey, NO ONE CARES.

Lols at your insult at MAG. I SAW the gameplay? Seriously? If I saw some one playing LittleBigPlanet I would think it would suck, until I joined in (well maybe not). Talking about that, LittleBigPlanet has a higher average rating (metacritic) then any 360 exclusive. Just putting it out there. Sure MAG isnt the best, but they're doing SOMETHING.

All XBOX games sticks to are generic stuff. Nearly no original titles appear, all are just remakes of the other. While Playstation continually gets newer titles like MAG with 128VS128, Little Big Planet and Heavy Rain making genres of their own. So don't say MAG sucks, and say you'll have Halo. Halo is what I mean, a generic shooter. What have they improved on over Halo 2? Graphics, no. Gameplay, no. Stupid wining kids, no. Its all the same, and your just getting spoon fed it.

Just wait till your next XBOX comes out, the 360 will be comepletely forgotten except for the one which broke a lot. The PS3 will be remembered for making Blu-Ray the next gen format, for pushing the boundaries of this gen and making new genres and awesome games on its own. If it wasn't for Micrososfts money you would have pretty much no decent exclusives.

But hey, No one cares. If your so insistent on that get the * out of our articles and go suck mast chiefs if its that great.

AngryTypingGuy3303d ago

2010 looks to be a good year for the PS3, but I doubt it'll ever have the market share that the PS2 had. The competition is too strong, and like TheTruth said, so many third party exclusives are now on the 360, and not only that, have the best versions on the 360.

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Bumpmapping3304d ago

Xbox360 tried but failed,just look at the NPD numbers.

Lack of exclusives,inferior graphics,DV9.Consumers made there choice its PS3.

Heavy Rain
FF13 (Superior version)

360 won't be aesthetically-pleasing to the mainstream with Sony having a futuristic console that only does every thing on the Market with heavy amount of games and adverts next year.

Good luck 360 Fans. You'll need it. :-)

And oh yeah... NO. ONE. CARES.

unrealgamer583304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

it has 7 years to get there so....... yeah

playnation3304d ago

playstation on top, they deserve it.
top notch exclusive games
relaiable hardware
free online play and premium services

this is not magic , the quality of the playstation products it's excellent that's why they always win generation over generation.

RedDragan3304d ago

PS3 will eclipse PS2 in worldwide sales.

The new machine has much more going for it. I refuse to even call the PS3 a games console, that label does the machine no justice at all.

So go ahead folks, call me a fanboy if you like. I don't care. Before the PS3 the last Sony product I bought was a PS1, never bothered getting a PS2 or any of it's rivals.

Having this all in one machine has made everything great! Instead of so many things on the TV stand, I know have to Bravia HDTV + PS3 Media Center + Bravia Tru-HD Surround System. One remote does it all.

I have been looking for that all my adult life without having the cheap or flashy all in one remote and a mile of spaghetti wire behind the TV stand.

The PS3 is going to sell more than the PS2 by the time it's 10 year life is out...

Also, blu-ray is here to stay. Pioneer are selling the 400GB Blu-Ray disc from 2010-2011, all you need is firmware update to read it. All BD 2.0 Players (that is every BD player now in production) will be able to read the 400GB disc.

As of earlier this year, Pioneer are starting to develope that 1TB Blu-Ray disc, again, just a firmware update needed. This disc will hold over 10 hours of 3D video at 4K quality running at 60FPS. BD 12x speed read is 432Mbit/s.... enough to support it.

4K is Cinema Quality. On a 50" TV it is over 6 times sharper than 1080p.

PS3 will still sell well into PS4's third year because of this.

so yes, call me a fanboy if you want. I just love the machine for everything it can do.

blogz4fanboyzz3304d ago

for mor sh!t blogs wrote by fanboys for fanboys..

whats my name people

4Sh0w3304d ago

Wow, its from the same guy who wrote this that was reported as "blog post", "not news", "lame" yet this one passes and look how many comments it has. So basicly if its a pro sony blog or negative 360 blog it passes, if its a negative sony blog or pro 360 it fails, cause this is from the same site and same writer. Democrats and Republicans.

commodore643303d ago

great post 4show !

You speak the truth and provide the evidence.

I just hope the mods are paying attention.. (?)
Just goes to show what n4g has become.

Fanboy censorship reigns supreme and the mods seem to support it, unbelievably.

One of my comments was recently illegally modded, even thogh it completely complied with all gaming zone rules.

It truly is sad to see the quality of n4g drop to new lows simply to appease the vast ps3 fanboy majority userbase on n4g.

shame, n4g.
What happened?

Lightsaber3303d ago

what a joke those writing crap like this really make these fanboys feel better about their self ? Ps3 is in last place and goin no where fast and its 30 million behind

Millah3303d ago

Another point of comparison is the issue of piracy. The Dreamcast, just like the Xbox 360 today, was plagued with piracy. The same exact thing is happening with 360, and thats because the 360 and Dreamcast both used "previous-gen" formats, thus making it easy to pirate the software.

It really does feel like deja vu. The only difference is that the 360 and Microsoft will never go broke the way Sega did. Even if Microsoft continues to lose millions of dollars, they can afford to and would let themselves lose a lot of money just to stay in the market.

commodore643303d ago

@ millah

hmmm.. there is a number of problems with your post, dude.

First, the ps2 suffered the worst piracy of the last gen, due to the widespread modchip community which embraced the ps2 architecture.

Thus, a vast number of gamers on ps2 actually copied their games.
This explains the relatively low attach rate for the ps2.

Further, if anyone is financially in trouble, then it is Sony.
MS has posted two consecutive years of profits on the 360, while SONY hasn't posted a single quarter of ps3 profits.

In fact, the ps3 is reputed to have cost SONY an astounding $4.7 billion in investment losses, with further losses on sku sales compounding these losses!

These are just the facts, dude.
Don't hate the messenger!

3302d ago
commodore643302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

@ Millah

I note that you have conveniently ignored the fact that you were equating the 360 piracy to the dreamcast piracy and extrapolating 'continued losses' for MS, when MS is actually making 360 profits.

You ignored the fact that the ps2 has, in nominal terms, many orders of magnitude greater piracy than the 360 or the dreamcast.
I pointed out, accurately, that the ps2 has a very low attach rate due to piracy... Conversely, the 360 has a record high attach rate.

You asserted that the 360 will make continued losses (which is an otright lie), yet you got upset when I pointed out that the ps3 has made $4.7 billion in losses?

These are just a few little details which were missing from your comment. I was actually helping you 'flesh out' the content a little.
Icredibly, instead of thanking me, you get upset and start thrwoing insults around?

My comments were in direct reply to the fanboy agenda you illustrated in your original comment and a rebuttal to the negative connotations of your tone, with regard to the 360 and dreamcast.

I find it a bit unsettling to see you get so angry and abusive, dude.
Did I point out some truths that you didn't like?

Nevermind, it's nothing that some personal insult couldn't fix, huh?
Normally when people start insulting me, like you did above, I can rest assured in the knowledge that I was right on the money.

In your case, you just showed your true colours, bud.
I am happy to contribute to exposing you for what you really are.
You made your own bed there, as well as validating my points.

I am just wondering where the mods are?
I have reported your comment for being personally abusive and not meeting gamerzone rules.

Your comment certainly is not friendly, nor is it civilised.
In fact, it has no value, except that which is negative and abusive to me.
Grow up, dude.
Just because you cannot win an argument does not mean you have to start acting inappropriately!


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Counter_ACT3304d ago

People have been saying this for years, but maybe, just maybe, 2010 will finally be PS3s year? D:

Digitaldude3304d ago

I'd say 09 has been Ps3's year, it has had a huge exclusive lineup this year releasing some great titles. Plus slim.

Saaking3304d ago

2009 is definitely the year of the PS3 (though I think PS3 also won 2008). It has both the best games and great sales.

TotalPS3Fanboy3304d ago

2010 will be PS3's year again.

Anon19743302d ago

The PS2 was also criticized for a high price point, being difficult to develop for, selling the hardware at a loss, for including the (at the time) expensive DVD format but two things happened around year two that helped it. Sony dropped the price and released some of the best games of all time back to back. The PS2 took off from there and the rest is history.

This gen we saw much the same thing but PS3 sales stayed fairly strong despite it's high price point, outselling the 360 head to head since the PS3 launched worldwide to become the 3rd fastest selling console in history. Sony's games division after taking the initial hit from R&D and pricing even managed 3 profitable quarters (one in 2007 and two in 2008) before...THE RECESSION. As the US dollar and the Euro tanked versus the Yen, even though Sony had made their game division profitable they couldn't escape the 25% decline in the US/Euro currency any more than any other Japanese electronics maker even though Sony confirmed that the PS3 was profitable as a platform and still would be even with the price cuts associated with the Slim.

Quite the contrast from Microsoft's games division and their clever accounting. By writing off over a billion dollars a couple of years ago for warranty repairs they effectively took it off their financial sheets for a few years. Even though they're still losing hundreds of millions in warranty repairs currently, it's not reflected on their books anymore and it keeps the analysts from talking about the ongoing drain of it.
Imagine you know you'd lose billions over the next few years. Now imagine you say one quarter "We just lost a billion." The shareholders cry, but they get over it and then you can go back to saying "Oh look! Now we're making money!" and everyone feels better even though you're still losing that money, you just aren't reporting it quarterly anymore.

So that leads us to where we are now. The recession is winding down, consumer spending is picking up, the PS3 is $299 and the game lineup is second to none. Given the circumstances, it really just looks like the PS3 really taking off was simply delayed due to the economic crisis, but now all the pieces seem to be falling into place for it.

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