PSN is scheduled for maintenance on December 10th

[email protected] Writes: "While browsing the PlayStation forums for any update on the Trophy Sync issue, I found an interesting post by a user named "DragonRay" who contacted Sony via email and got this response:"

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kaveti66163305d ago

Someone better bookmark this page because on December 11 there are going to be a few fanboy articles talking about how "PSN is unreliable cuz it was down a day before."

Dutch Boogie3305d ago

Thus enforcing the reason why retards should not have access to the internet. People like to complain for no particular reason.

Maddens Raiders3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I think it's highly improbable, that using the internet is on the priority list of the mentally retarded, God bless 'em; and if they did, they wouldn't say half the silly things as some say in these forums.

on topic: I'm glad they're addressing the sync issue and keeping everyone if only they would throw in some premium avatar offerings that day to appease us all for our 'troubles'..... :P

WildArmed3305d ago

oh maybe they'll bother adding some premium avatars and theme to the your profile (not just color)
a man can dream, can't he?

leila013305d ago

They should be fixing the controller instead (since the update I have to reset mine every time I put on the PS3 for it to sync).

Prototype3305d ago

I thought I was the small minority who had sync issues, glad they are working on a fix for it.

My main hiccup was Batman AA especially if I received more than one trophy a play through it would go to about 10% then stop. After about 7 cursing sessions, 3 xmb spam letters, and a pizza later it worked :O

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Shotgun_Roamer3305d ago

whatever sony does to make a good service better (or great service, depending on your sony stance) on Dec. 10 is fine by me, but a trophy sync fix would be a darn fine start.

bigrudowsky3305d ago

Who cares about what fanboys speak about...
God forbid someone say something about psn being off line cause its unreliable anyone with half a brain knows that maintenance is necessary so screw them.

Ninji3305d ago

Just maintenance because December 10th is when Japan gets Modern Warfare 2 and they had maintenance in NA when it came out.

KilZoneGeneralStrife3305d ago

strangely. .one always syncs,never had a problem.the other always gets an error.weird..

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The story is too old to be commented.