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Spike TV's VGA 2009 - Wii GOTY Nominees Revealed

The 2009 VGA's are just around the corner, and Gametrailers is starting off the season by revealing Spike TV's Wii GOTY Nominees for 2009. (MadWorld, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Punch-Out!!, Wii, Wii Sports Resort)

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EvilTwin  +   1976d ago
MadWorld, NSMB, PunchOut and WSR.

No Muramasa? No LKS? No TW10? Maybe even Extraction (yeah, it's a rail shooter, but it might be the best rail shooter yet made).

MadWorld is an interesting game, but a niche one.
WSR shows off Motion Plus, but TW10 shows just how good it is.
PunchOut is great, but I don't think it one-ups NSMB (which I've only played at Gamestop, but damn it was fun...definitely will buy soon).
knox  +   1976d ago
mario bros wii my pick
Gurbz  +   1976d ago

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