Modern Warfare 2 DLC timeframe confirmed through Monster Energy Drink and Twitter

Kouppa-Networklive writes: That's right MW2 fans no new DLC will be out for the game until 2010 as per fourzerotwo (Robert Bowling)Twitter response when asked when gamers should be expecting some new maps.

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Shotgun_Roamer3304d ago

so. old.

do i even need to link to prove it?

Mikeyy3304d ago

It goes without saying, it takes Infinity Ward damn near 3 months to make a couple of maps, then Submit it to Quality Ausurance, wich takes another 2 weeks. Then to Microsoft/Sony, that takes another 2 weeks.

Once we get a solid announcement on the maps, and a few screenshots, you can start counting down the 5 months till release :)

steck673304d ago

...and yet ND was able to create a beutiful map within a month just to let us download it FOR FREE. Props to ND.

EpicGamerSwordsman3304d ago

Considering these "DLC" Maps are already on disc, & it takes them that long to release a "Key" to unlock em'

IdleLeeSiuLung3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

IW just put a lot of time and effort into CoD:MW2 and therefore did not have time. Heck, it could also be because they didn't want to release a crappy map without ensuring multiplayer experience isn't compromised.

It's funny how people complain a DLC is out to soon, but when it takes a while it is too long.

I'm not saying Uncharted 2 map is crappy, as I haven't played it, but I do know the online community as a whole is considerably smaller. When you are as large as IW, fans will scrutinize you to no end!

ambientFLIER3304d ago

"its also funny
Considering these "DLC" Maps are already on disc, & it takes them that long to release a "Key" to unlock em'"

Bullsh[t. Don't talk about something that you have no clue about.

EpicGamerSwordsman3304d ago

I do know what im talking about you retard, PC Gamers hacked the Game & Found Hidden Content such as Maps & MP Modes that IW Decided to Keep as Locked Content, look @ Capcom w/ SF4 & RE5, SF4 Had the Alternate Costumes on Disc already but you had to Purchase an Unlock "Key" for all of em' for 15$ & Same goes for RE5's VERSUS Mode, which costed 5$ but was already on the Disc, Next time you call me stupid.. think before you speak you stupid A$$Hole

Teh Cell3303d ago

Is there any proof that those maps and gametypes are meant to be DLC, instead of something that didn't make it into the final game for quality reasons, which is very common? No? Ok then, stfu. Stop assuming things.

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kornbeaner3304d ago

Will most likely be an overpriced map pack for an overhyped game. Maybe they should eat some humble pie and learn a few things from the "Lesser" developer in Treyarch on how to support a game properly.

Corepred43304d ago

maybe treyarch should learn how to make their own game instead of copying and pasting.

ZootHornRollo3304d ago

maybe IW should learn how to code games in HD

ambientFLIER3304d ago

Sure, they can code in long as you don't mind sacrificing the fps for it. Was World at War in HD?

I have an idea. How about YOU go and make a better game, and THEN talk trash about IW.

Corepred43304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

how about treyarch learns how to sell as much a IW first, haha.

ZootHornRollo3301d ago

fame drops are easy to fix if. but if your making a multiplat game and have one system your lead system every thing well go down hill from there.
if they made an engine to run just for the ps3 and just for the xbox they could do alot better job. but they want to make $$ over a good game so they focus on the tools and get the cash and leave the clean up for trey

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The Iron Sheik3304d ago

To hell with more MP maps. Give me an add on campaign and more spec ops missions.

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