Gigabyte AMD '333' motherboards detailed

As it was said, the new tech consists of the latest connectivity: USB 3.0, SATA III (6Gbps). The other '3' is for the fact the motherboard can supply up to three times the rated power of a standard USB port.

First of all, on the high-end model, there are now three PCI-E x16 slots instead of only two, so three videocards can now be set in CrossfireX, running in x16, x8, x8 mode. Having only two PCI-E x16 slots is a big disadvantage to the MA790FXT-UD5P when looking at boards like the MSI 790FX-GD70 having four of them, so this is great.

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...But AMD really needs to pull themselves together if they want to keep their foot in the door of the enthusiast market. AMD recently launched a new variant of their top end processor, the 965 Black Edition C3. This processor is beaten by Intel Lynnfield processors, never mind their Bloomfield cores, whilst the new i9's are light years ahead. the C3 does over-clock very well though (4GHz+ easily on air cooling).

I've been using AMD processors for a long time, I still run several AMD machines, but choosing AMD for a high end system right now simply does not make sense when Intel cores with lower TDP's and better performance are available for the same money.

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