Beefjack: Is Metacritic really that bad?

Beefjack writes: The press has been railing against Metacritic for years. Many game critics are particularly concerned about the amount of attention this particular website gets from developers and publishers who consider it a legitimate measurement of the quality of a title.

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kaveti66163305d ago

This is an excellent point. Some people like the "Out of 5" rating system. I prefer the "Out of 10" rating system, and others still prefer the traditional A,B,C,D,F rating system. And there's actually more rating systems that that but the problem is, as stated in the article, different reviewing sites mean different things with their grades.

It's nice to see that most reviewers write review articles about the games so that they can point out the positive parts and the negative parts. I think some games get docked for poor graphics, whereas I personally don't give a damn. Those should all be pointed out

Metacritic also stands accused of being biased against PS3 games. Now, for the most part it could all be attributed to bitterness, but there is some evidence to support that at times Metacritic scores of PS3 exclusives include obscure, never-before-heard of websites that rate the PS3 game lower. So maybe there is some truth to it. I wouldn't know.

CrippleH3305d ago

Metacritic is just an averager. It can't be biased at all. Laughing at Tony Hawk game though.

Saaking3305d ago

I don't like Metacritic, becuase of it's "weighted average" system.

baum3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

"Metacritic also stands accused of being biased against PS3 games. Now, for the most part it could all be attributed to bitterness"

Or maybe because websites like Eurogamer and Edge have consistently been downgrading PS3 exclusives and giving free passes to 360 exclusives, therefore lowering? Also, averages are always biased towards lower scores because low scores are rare and high scores have a ceiling of 100 out of 100, so if there's a website giving a low score, it's likely to drag the score down. So for that reason, and also for some reason Metacritic just likes to keep adding reviews to PS3 games even several weeks after it came out. Just look at uncharted 2, record number of reviews (102, the last two were barely added this week), I wonder why? Mario only has 72 and the Wii sold more, and it's Mario FFS.

I guess that never crossed your mind, "detective".

3305d ago
BWS19823305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

a valid measurement of quality, it's run by fanboys, and when you have fanboys at the helm for such deeds, it's going to go sideways. You can clearly see this in the evidence that's been mounted at them in the past few years, they're freaking biased.

Lets say a principle, to get funding for a school, pulls 7 random students, and then 3 students who always fail...he averages their state assessment scores out, and tells the government "Just out of 10 students chosen across the spectrum, the average was this, we have a few good ones, but clearly we're struggling"....

Sure, the math can't lie, but the damn principle did...

Not only that, scores don't equate to quality, they're opinions. And what do you get when you aggregate dozens of opinions? A massive opinion, same effing thing. It's not guaranteed to be objective, it's still subjective. It hints at quality, but it does NOT guarantee it, you may still disagree with it, therefore, it's subjective.

Take Metacritic with a grain of salt.

mal_tez923305d ago

This simple fact shows how untrustworthy metacritic is.

OpenGL3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Actually, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the highest rated game of all time on Metacritic, with a 99. It's not Metacritic's fault that IGN, Gamespot, Gamepro, etc. all gave GTA IV perfect or near perfect scores. I do agree however that GTA IV is overrated.

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Cyrus3653305d ago

Good article...Metacritic is just used as tool, form your own opinion, or atleast a site you think personally is in line with your views or fair...

Unicron3305d ago

Metacritic is a joke. Consider that they keep Sessler's reviews out because of a personal beef with him. How can I consider this source reliable if they let personal squabbles get in the way?

Form your own opinions people. Meta is a joke.

Socomer 19793305d ago

Was he not raised to know his good from his bad yet?

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