NIS America making 3D Dot Game Heroes style game for PSP

In addition to Absolute Modding Hero Project, Nippon Ichi has another new intellectual property set for next year. Classic Dungeon, as the title implies, is a classic dungeon crawler.

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sinncross3305d ago

I approve of this move by Nippon ichi

HardcoreGamer3305d ago

CLASSIC DUNGEON CRAWLER. just funny right from the title. bring it

Kamikaze1353305d ago

I hope they go through with it. I love NIS so I'm sure they'll deliver an epic experience =D

DigitalAnalog3305d ago

I've got the feeling they're out there monitoring the forums/comments and seeing the reception it got for 3D-DOT heroes. Count me in for the PSP baby. WOOOHOOO!!

3305d ago
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