Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Double Cash Issues Found

Playing the multiplayer of Uncharted 2: Among Theives' this weekend gives everyone an opportunity to earn double cash rewards. The patch went live today but it seems gamers are experiencing issues on earning this double cash reward.

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Parapraxis3252d ago

This will be resolved quickly, I have no doubt.
Gonna hop on in a bit, after grabbing some more trophies in the mediocre game that is said to be "best FPS ever" by many, MW2.

Madusha3252d ago

It's probably already fixed lol.

Domenikos3252d ago

Hype > MW2

Uncharted 2 > Hype

^^ its so gooood

mal_tez923252d ago

I got through most of the campaign and reached level 40 something in multiplayer, and have lost all will to continue playing. I will play spec ops splitscreen if I have a friend over but that's about it.

I was playing Uncharted 2 again for like the 15th time as well as some multiplayer, but I picked up inFAMOUS for really cheap yesterday so now I'm into that.

bot slayer3252d ago


Christopher_Walken3252d ago

I'm not having any issues anymore.

-Alpha3252d ago

If they can't even pull off a simple double XP weekend. :P

Just kidding, that was a poke to the "Some Definitive Racer Forza is if it doesn't have shift animation" comments. Feel the burn.

Oh by the way, The Fort map has a sweet sniper hall and a pretty cool lower level-- anybody else see the random airplane crash somewhere in the level?

lordkemp0073252d ago

The lower level you are talking about.

Look up at the far end, there is a hanging skeleton in a cage.

Blast him and he will swing about.

I bought the game on day 1. Tonight is the first time i have tried online. Good god almighty the lost city map is simply breathtaking, i hope in the future ND could somehow incorporate this map and the awsome new fort map into downloadable content for the single player game.

Quite simply put, this game is a masterpiece of technological achievement.

ND i salute you.

Mr Logic3252d ago

The fort map is based off of a level in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Redempteur3251d ago

i heard the plance crashing but i didn't see it ...yet

Digitaldude3252d ago

Yeah before medals showed up as 2x EG 2,000 for a capture now its 1,000 however im sure im actually getting the 2,000.

ALSO anyone notice any lag issues? Its really laggy for me and its only this weekend.

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