Banhammer Strikes Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Today

If you are one of the cheaters that plays Modern Warfare 2 on the PC, you better watch out as a Banhammer is supposed to be striking today. There are supposed to be top men on the team that are trying to track down every cheaters. Don't worry, you will get caught!...

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RememberThe3573306d ago

Or freaze in hell, depending on what you believe!

Charmers3306d ago

"There are supposed to be top men on the team that are trying to track down every cheaters"

Roughly translated "the kid from the local school doing his work experience at IW is doing the tracking". No doubt they will ban a crap load of innocent people but that will be acceptable to most in the name of fighting cheating.

To be honest it is hard to see how they will actually "ban" people. This isn't xbox live we are talking about here it isn't like you can lock a PC out of steam like Microsoft can with their system. Those doing the hacking and cheating won't be all that concerned and they will find away around the ban and continue showing IW why they screwed up so badly.

kikicub3305d ago

I *think* it's pretty simple on steam, since all the games have DRM and are tied to your account on steam. So, I wonder if they're banning you just from MW2 or steam?

Either way, you would have to re-purchase it from steam on a different account.

Charmers3305d ago

Well you would have to be pretty moronic to use your actual steam account with all your games on if you intended on cheating in the game. So I would say the vast majority that get banned will be hackers that set up that account for the express purpose of just cheating on MW2.

I don't think it is a major job setting up a new steam account it isn't like they can lock your PC out of creating another steam account (like MS can do with xbox's on their XBL). As for re-purchasing the game, well there are people dumb enough to do that (hell they were stupid enough in the first place to buy it).

The fact is the whole point of IW.NET was hassle free, cheat free gaming apparently (and had nothing to do with them wanting to introduce a subscription service honest). The game hasn't been out a month and they are already having to do a "mass" ban .......... yeah it was really cheat free that IW.NET well done.

kikicub3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Mmmm, I thought once you purchase a game on steam you can only play it with that account? I mean, I don't cheat at all and only use the one account I used to purchase the few games I have from Steam, never occurred to me to use a different account.

Also, I agree with you that they shouldn't have bought it in the first place...I am staying FAR away from Infitine Warts' lalala games.

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Charmers3305d ago

Yeah but you can have more than one steam account. So you have your main steam account with all your games on and then you can set up a second steam account to just buy and play MW2. Then if the account you bought MW2 gets banned you still have your other account with all your other games safe.

As I said it would be pretty moronic of someone to play and cheat with MW2 using their main steam account with all their games on there. I imagine there will be a couple of idiots that do that. I don't want you to think I am condoning cheating here, I most certainly don't. But then again I don't condone PC gamers owning this game either they should hang their head in shame (that was a joke btw before I get flamed to hell and back).

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LostCypher113306d ago

why the Hell to ppl cheat? is there any satisfaction from beating someone by Cheating. It by no means makes you better then the person your beating

evrfighter3305d ago

actually, contrary to popular belief hackers hack to make people like you cry on their mic's.

Having tried it myself in CS and DoD a few years back. It's insanely fun when you're hacking with a few friends. Of course if you're gonna hack don't ever try and be subtle about it. My advice is to be as blatant as possible. The more people crying the funnier it is.

Lou Ferrigno3305d ago

@ evrfighter LOL HAHA yea dude making fools cry is HILARIOUS!.. ESPECIALLY if more then one idiot is crying lol.

kikicub3305d ago

the act of cheating is out of necessity to compensate for a ridiculously small-sized penis

it is the only way they feel better about themselves

Nihilism3305d ago

That's funny because the few that bought it legit on pc will now have useless multiplayer and will likely not buy another cod game. I understand they need to ban cheaters, but their digging a bigger hole with their alienation of pc gamers.

ViciousBoston3305d ago

this is funny because there is like 20 CPU players compared to the rest of the systems (i know there isn't 20 its just a comparison)

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