Sony Looking Into Digital Comics For The PS3

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

The hotly anticipated Digital Comics Reader is set to bring comic based goodness to the PSP this December, marking the first time such a service comes to a gaming device. Since its announcement gamers have been enquiring whether the reader will come to the PS3, as it would be a perfect fit for the multimedia hub. In a recent interview with Pete Stott, the designer of the service, PlayStation LifeStyle asked if the reader will come to the PlayStation 3.

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Saaking3011d ago

cool. I'm not really into comic books, but new features are always welcomed.

Sev3011d ago

Couldn't agree more. Not my thing, but all new features are welcomed. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who will be interested. My father-in-law is a comic book nut, this is right up his alley.

doctorstrange3011d ago

I'll probably pick up a few now and then

dopeboimagic923011d ago

I just want the video game spinoffs comics like the Resistance comics from WildStorm. It's almost impossible to find the physical copies so I'm hoping for a digital one

Maddens Raiders3010d ago

then you know how much of a collector of Marvel Comics I am. This app is already on the PSP so if it comes to the PS3, it makes feels as if Sony is actually a veteran member of N4G as well. Weird...

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DoucheVader3011d ago

Comics going digital can only be a good thing. It's good to see they are getting exposure in other marketplaces.

doctorstrange3011d ago

Comic book shops are pretty hard to find, so this is greatly appreciated

wolfehound223011d ago

Sounds good. I am more interested in it on the PSP, but new services are always welcomed.

doctorstrange3011d ago

Can't wait to see what other services are planned

PinkUni3011d ago

sony cant even support its own country?

doctorstrange3011d ago

There will be manga on the service

sikbeta3011d ago

This feature will have a release in Japan if is not already out, I saw a video with some guy Showing Dragon Ball Manga and it's amazing, you watch the manga in FULL color and is something like this, I don't find any official video from Playstation or the service itself but is really similar:

3011d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.