Gamestop Offers Peripherals Discount

Want to buy a new controller but don't feel like getting trampled to death at stores today? GameStop has a solution to your dilemma.

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Elwenil3275d ago

" network adaptors or hard drives, which is unfortunate because both tend to be really overpriced for consoles."

Nah, not "consoles", just one.

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the_pitt3275d ago

Radioshack has Dulashock 3 controllers for $30

Bgibbs3275d ago

Gamestop has some of the worst "deals" I've seen in my life. They listed games at full price on their black friday deal sheet, how ridiculous.

@the_pitt, thanks for the heads up, was considering Amazons 42$ deal, I think I will do this instead

EvilCackle3275d ago

I think the idea with the full-priced games' listings was that they were guaranteeing they're in stock.

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