Uncharted 2 Free DLC Now Available, Complete List of Updates

Pop in Uncharted 2 and get all the latest updates and free map. Also find a complete list of updates made to the game.

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Nambassa3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I love you Naughty Dog. Seriously... I LOVE YOU!

edit: why the disagrees? I'm simply stating my love for this godly game developer. :P

Julie3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Woot! i want to go home from work fast! me wants to play Uncharted 2 all night , and party every day ! i wanna .. oops thats a song :O

*shakes tail happily* Ty again Naughty Dog !

Nambassa3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I think I will to! I can't wait too play as Doughnut Lazarevic! lol

Edit: I'm downloading the patch now. WOOT!

3220d ago
DaTruth3220d ago

I played ten games already and never once saw this level yet!

You know this game was well made when months later they are on 1.02 and one update was DLC! Naughty Dogs FTW!!!

Domenikos3220d ago

I love Uuncharted 2 and I love ND...

sikbeta3220d ago

Naughty Gods, you are THE BEST!!!!

Thanks a LOT

Madusha3220d ago

Free is always good :D

masterg3220d ago

UC2 has the best single player and best multiplayer experience since god knows when. It's just so much fun. Anyone who hasn't played it yet need to go out and by it.
It's crazy with a free DLC map so soon. I'm not even ready for it yet :)

The last time I had this much fun playing online was Gears of War 1. The last time I had this much fun playing offline was never.

NewZealander3220d ago

i loved uncharted 2 but honestly i probably wont go back to it, unless they release single player DLC for free.

im not a fan of online games, and ive got the platinum, so theres not much for me to go back to, and as good as the game was i would like to see more exploring elements, its a shame the game forces you in one direction from beginning to end.

uncharted 2 is one of the best, but its over too soon, it was my game of the year but ive handed that award to assassins creed 2.

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George Sears3220d ago

Bought the game this Monday. Once I finish crushing all go straight to Multiplayer.

MetalGearRising3220d ago

No one is interested in this Uncharted 2 Free DLC because everyone has moved over to a more better multi-player game called MW2 so Naughty Dog u can stuff your FREE DLC where it hurts.

Nambassa3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I'm interested and all my mates who play Modern Warfare 2 are going back to Uncharted 2. I'm guessing it's just you who aren't interested.
Oh wait I know why! You're jealous cos you can't afford a PS3!

rucky3220d ago

Naughty Dog is stuffing it where it DOES hurt, 360 fanboy's asses!

bot slayer3220d ago

SUCK IT Metal BOT Rising LOL




Bungie3220d ago

lol why is he getting Disagrees

he's saying the truth everybody plays MW2 now

Double073220d ago

So your telling me if I go download the update for Uncharted 2 and try to play online that not one person on the planet will be playing?

Are you even serious? Please just gtfo.

Shane Kim3220d ago

Hahah nice one Rucky ;).

Anorexorcist3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

You more better believe me!!!

You can now take your illiterate stupid a$$ self and go shove yourself back into your mother's refuse.

(LOL It always make me laugh how MetalGeekRising is always the first to comment in the open zone on any kind of positive PS3 or PS3 Software news. The little maggot really has some complex going with the PS3).

piramides303220d ago

You are a very very sad boy. I'm sorry for you, you can't play Uncharted 2.

lordkemp0073220d ago

I hear your so dumb you salute the refrigerator.

When you found out it was a general electric.

electricshadow3220d ago

Guys, you really need to stop replying to this bot. This is what he want. He wants you to reply. Just ignore him.

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Bungie3220d ago


already sold the game after beating it

decent SP but boring MP

bot slayer3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

i can't wait to play Bungie NEW GAME ON MY PS3 SLIM.

Bungie3220d ago

MS still have the right to publish any game

the only way it's going to ps3 is if MS passed

and that's not gonna happened

please don't tell me you've heard that from hiphopgamer lol

PirateThom3220d ago

Microsoft seem more interested in casual games and Natal now, so I don't think they'll care about a non-Halo Bungie game.

cliffbo3220d ago

you 360 owners are just so sad. you really need to just forget this nonsense and buy a PS3. seriously, you are missing out on so much quality. you can keep your 360 you know and take it out of the drawer occasionally when a decent game comes out. i would hold back on some of the RPGs though as they tend to have more content when the PS3 version comes out... and don't forget you can watch Blu-ray too!

redsquad3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Brand new member...
Joined 8 hours ago...
Devotee of 'Bungie'...
'Sold' their copy of UNCHARTED 2 (so why comment on DLC for it?)...
Grudging praise for UC2 single player campaign to 'prove' they're genuine...

Yes, we have another one fitting the profile.

ZBlacktt3220d ago

That's why you came here to post? Nothing better to do with your time?

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Milky3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

gonna get back into this now. I need a break from the battlefield beta. Really nice update: player card, leaderboards and a FREE map.

nnotdead3220d ago

i was thinking the same thing.

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