Aliens vs Predator: No Cuts Will Be Made

Rebellion has told IncGamers that there will be no cuts made to Aliens vs Predator for any region, and that there will be one version of the game worldwide.

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Fyzzu3275d ago

Good stuff. With something like this I'd hate for them to tone it down at all.

cyborg69713274d ago

Agreed good for them why compromise on your vision with others who have none.

Oner3274d ago

Does anyone know if this version has no recoil just like the previous version(s) did?

Nihilism3274d ago

is they censor it in aus...i'm importing from gamestop, F the Australia game censors. I have no problem giving my money to a country that will actually give me what I want

thetamer3275d ago

Awesome. Looks like Australians won't be getting it!

Feral Gamer3275d ago

Not necessarily, they may tone the whole game down to fit in with regional laws and we'll all end up with a G rated Disney game.

GameOn3275d ago

It would suck if they actually cut the game for every one.

Fishy Fingers3274d ago

Arnie > Predator.

Glover got lucky :)

Mista T3274d ago

get to the choppa!!!! :P

STONEY43274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

*death metal voice* GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!!

deno3274d ago

Good news. Love the pc games!