New Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Advert Square-Enix have already begun rolling out the Final Fantasy XIII TV adverts in Japan, and here is the first one.

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Vivi3156d ago

Link to the advert

Pretty funny theres also an advert for the elixir drinks, good thing is tho it contains new footage in it and the battle music is playing to it.

FACTUAL evidence3156d ago

A little off topic, but today i had a dream that i had ff13, i woke up looking for it! I really want this game more now.....march is toooo long for me....ugh...

Berserk13156d ago


lordkemp0073156d ago

Looking forward to playing this on 1 disc in all its uncompressed glory.

MetalGearRising3156d ago

U sony brain dead soles do understand xbox360 version graphically will be superior don't u...............i'm sorry didn't u know .......oooops i've spilt the beans now Square-Enix gonna be upset with me .

gtamike1233156d ago

Have fun changing Disks and lag

jashwin3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

you have a sad sad pray for you when i sleep

AKNAA3156d ago

I'm begining to get the impression that SE is trying to make FF13 very dramatic this time... or is it just me?!

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