How PC gamers can be heard (hint: not by threats of piracy)

PC gamers are outspoken... to a fault. Every bit of news about the industry is followed by shrill threats of piracy and ineffective boycotts. Ars Technica speaks to those in the industry whose job it is to deal with complaints, and explains how to get your voice heard in a way that actually leads to action.

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Elven63276d ago

The only thing that is killing PC gaming for me personally is DRM, and not just your traditional DRM either. Its gotten to a point where certain forms of DRM will send information about your PC to the creators of the DRM, the publishers, etc. How much information? Who knows, the EULA's usually claim your IP address and stuff that you have loaded onto your RAM, but the fact that publishers are willing to go to such extreme lengths to stop piracy is insane. This is mostly for MMO games but some regular games have it as well.

While piracy isn't the answer to any of this, DRM such as the aforementioned isn't either. Maybe the Gamers Bill of Rights should be given another "consideratory" look?

Jamescagney3276d ago

I agree, the only people that suffer from DRM are the people that actually buy the games.

Piracy is a serious issue, and DRM isn't the answer. The thing is I'm not sure what they can do tbh.

FantasyStar3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


There is a simple answer to combat piracy. "Just make good games."

If a developer makes a good game that pleases the audience and is priced right. People will buy it. The sales will reflect that. The losses from piracy is heavily outweighed by everyone who bought it. MW2 is a shining example of that.

Instead of developers fighting piracy, appease the pirates instead and guilt-trip them into buying your games because your game is so awesome, loaded with content, and a bang for the buck. It will make the pirates want to buy the game just to show support.

ZedoMann3276d ago

If you remove the really bad DRM, such as machine limits, sending info to devs, etc. I'm sure that would cut down on Piracy a lot. Also if the games were priced a little lower, you wouldn't get as many greedy people trying to get free games.

I don't believe piracy will completely die off, since there will always be thieves in the world, however a lot of it could be avoided.

Jamescagney3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Yeah you make a good point, there have been several games in the past that have had no protection whatsoever and they have gone on to sell well. Which shows that a lot of companies just don't see that a lot of their anti-piracy methods are neither wanted or needed.

Having said that, there have been games that have deserved to sell like hotcakes and been hit very badly by piracy. Look at Crysis, one of the best games in recent years on the pc and also one of the most downloaded. It still sold well if I remember correctly, but the fact that a huge amount of people chose not to buy and support the devs sickens me really.

EDIT:Hmm, thinking about it maybe Crysis wasn't the best of examples when you factor in the spec requirements, at the time anyway. Well you get my point :P

FantasyStar3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Crysis is a personal example for me.

I downloaded it hoping to bench my rig. After playing it a bunch, I realized how good this game is and how much effort went into it. When the Maximum Edition came out. I bought it within the day. I can proudly say that I support Crytek and all they do for our PC industry.

As for those. I'm sure many people want to support a dev, but there's always that small little detail that's preventing them from putting their foot forward. My example being MW2. We all know the history behind the PC version, but the SP is still loads of fun to me.I would definitely like to buy it, but I cannot condone my dollars to IW and Acti shafting the PC community. It's those things where you know the game is good, but you do not like the developers and publishers behind the game so you don't buy it. I'm sure many people did the same as me.

If developers and publishers went to the effort of supporting their products by offering lengthy demos that truly represent a product, then we wouldn't need to download a game just to "try it out". Hell...if Borderlands had a PC Demo, I can almost see the sales for PC just soar upward. Gearbox really deserves the support.

kaveti66163275d ago

You said, all they have to do is make good games, and then you clarified that they have to make a good game and price it right.

Now, who decides which price is fair? I know some people who think games should cost only 10 or 15 bucks, and others who will keep buying games without questioning how much they can cost.

And I also know that for some, any price is wrong, and the only thing they can commit to is "Free games." A friend of mine modded his 360 a long time ago and must have downloaded 50 torrented games off the net to play on his console. I have no word on whether he's been banned, but he sure got his moneys worth, don't you think?

I'm not sure piracy will ever be stopped or if there's an "effective" way of reducing it. Valve has a half-way decent method with Steam, although some don't like Steam.

If there is a free way of obtaining something, and it is within easy reach of everyone in the world, what makes you think that you can lower the price and convince people to pay for it? Whenever I want to listen to a song, I just go to youtube and type it in and listen to it. Some people might download it and pay for it off Amazong, others from iTunes, but why would I waste a buck on a song I can listen to for free?

And forget about my method because at least my way is legitimate. Other people want to burn the songs on CDs and bump tracks in their cars. Do you think there's any way for the RIAA to convince the general population that they should pay 15 to 20 bucks for an album when they can just get the songs off Limewire for free and burn their own disc for a few cents?

So, it comes back to your statement. "Make a good game and price it right."

It's not really gonna make a difference. The real price might actually be 20 bucks for a game, for all I know. That's how much it might cost if the publisher wants to recoup its costs and make some profit. OR maybe it does cost 60 bucks. Maybe there shouldn't be a standard price for games. When did people decided that every game should have a standard MSRP of $59.99 or $49.99 last gen? I think most of us would agree that some games should be priced lower based on how much content they contain. An RPG might be worth 65 bucks, but a single player, medium-length campaign like Assassin's Creed 2 might only be worth 40 bucks.

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mundooposto3276d ago

PC gamers = personality. Yeah ... they care about what can do in a game ..... and, most of all . they KNOW what are doing. btw, were ALWAYS be in the frontline of thechnology. thats enought.
Console gamers = casual gamers
Pc gamers = real gamers = pro gamers

Barragan3276d ago

in pcs little box of tech that is

MetalGearRising3276d ago

PC gaming is a dying breed get out while u have time and purchae a xbox360.

evrfighter3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

lol pc gamers don't buy shoddy hardware. I hate saying it because I hate ps3 fanboys but pc gamers if they own a console usually end up buying a ps3.

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