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VGTV writes: "Most of you don't like the Wii at the best of times, but there's been the most unholy level of whinging lately thanks to a certain Doug Cruetz of Cowen Group, who thinks the "Wii bubble could be deflating".

Well don't worry, brethren – VideoGameTV has a bike pump. A bike pump filled to the nozzle with killer software. To maintain the pretence of considered judgement, we've jotted down some pros and cons for each title on the list."

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dirigiblebill3307d ago

I was going to include the COD4 remake on this but it doesn't look too hot... anybody want to disagree?

SpoonyRedMage3307d ago

Decent list of games but some of the Cons are just silly.:P

Apparently Sexy Poker is absolute rubbish and COD 4:MW: Reflex(longer name than FF:CC: Crystal Bearers!) is apparently a good port of the game but if you alreayd have it not much point in getting it a again.

dirigiblebill3307d ago

You did read the bit about wanting to make lots of lame jokes, right? :p

EvilTwin3307d ago

I'd definitely disagree with not including COD:MWR. The reviewers who actually took their time to play the game (and didn't rush out a review in a day like IGN) have good things to say about the game, almost without exception. The controls are great, and it has the best online of any game on Wii.

That said, I would've put the Metroid Prime Trilogy on that list somewhere. It's the best deal on Wii (or anywhere this year, really).

dirigiblebill3307d ago

Metroid Trilogy's utterly, utterly brilliant - the nearest thing the Wii has to an Orange Box, IMO - but I was aiming for recent/upcoming games. (Excitebike is a remake, yes, but it's a recent remake).

SpoonyRedMage3307d ago

Yup, silly isn't bad and Red Steel 2 does need Lightsabers... and you're right about NWMB Wii.

I would have added Rabbids Go Home and/or A Boy and his Blob too.

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Edwin853307d ago

The Wii's a joke. Always has been, always will be...

blitz06233307d ago

yup. it's a joke that has sold millions all over the world

dirigiblebill3307d ago

Truth be told I haven't run into Boy and his Blob...

Ta for the feedback, always nice to get a conversation going.

eagle213307d ago

I will ALWAYS support the Kings: Sony AND Nintendo. :)

Close_Second3307d ago

...has some great titles but they should stick to exclusives and keep away from the multiplatform releases. Just look at how dated COD4 looks on the Wii. Graphics may not matter but once you have experienced a game like COD4 on a better system its hard to go back.

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The story is too old to be commented.