Even the FF13 Drinks get a Trailer

The Final Fantasy XIII tie-in beverage Elixir has its very own trailer - luckily it's not just footage of drinks and cans - it features some new tidbits of actual game footage including a CGI Chocobo!

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sakura20093305d ago

im not thirsty now for those elixers XD

MAiKU3304d ago

Ever had that imported sugar soda bottles with the marble in the center of the neck? Probably something like that with different flavor variations.

housegroove763304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

probably taste just like the crisis core elixirs, kind of like a Monster energy drink, not so much caffeine put in though. Looks like they have a lot more can designs than the crisis core ones did.

blu_yu_away3304d ago

Only thing that surprises me is that Sqaure Enix didn't have a week long countdown to the trailer.