The $393 Gaming Rig that Plays it All

GN writes, "With the ever-decreasing price in technology trends, gamers can now get a new rig at the cost of only a handful of new games. There's little to spare when it comes to money and gaming, considering we have to be prepared to buy the newest FPS/RTS/RPG or whatever at any moment. For that reason, GN has put together a $393 budget gaming PC.

If you saw our last rig, we had a $400 gaming PC that played it all, now we've slightly decreased the price, but magically increased performance. Here's the breakdown..."

The review went on to detail parts used to make the build.

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Elven63276d ago

They should have benchmarked the thing some, and what about OS?

Lelldorianx3276d ago

This is considered a 'bare-bones build,' essentially meaning the case + the components. Monitors and other peripherals are assumed owned already, or added on top of the build.

Planning to begin benches with the next few builds ;)

3276d ago
ruibing3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Not counting the OS is fine since you can always use Linux.

Nice build, but I would swap the Athlon X2 for a Athlon II X2. Use any SB700 series Gigabyte motherboard (with the 2oz copper layer). Go for a certified 80 plus PSU. A Western Digital Black edition HDD. And an ATI HD 4670 gpu.

I just bought something along those lines for exactly $400 (after rebates but before Bing cashback) from Newegg.

Phenom II X2 550 BE Callisto 3.1 GHz 80W
4GB (2x2GB) G.Skill DDR3-1333
WD Black Edition 640GB 32MB Cache
HIS Radeon HD 4670 1GB DDR3
Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P AM3 ATX
Sony Optiarc 24X DVD-Multi
Antec Three Hundred Mid Tower
OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W 80 Plus Certified

Elven63276d ago

Good point Lelldorianx.

Ruibing: The gaming selection on Linux sucks unless open source ports are your thing. Emulators work but the resources they require would tax an already struggling system for most games.

Electricear3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

with a 10 foot pole. I can almost guarantee that it will die with in two years, and when it does it will more than likely take other components with it, because that is more than likely a false maximum wattage. Not all 500 watt PSU's actually produce a usable 500watts. Seeing as the PSU is the life blood of a computer, and one of the things people rarely ever upgrade in their case, why would one skimp? 9 times out of 10 when the PSU goes wonkey it can cause hard to track symptoms like random system crashes, display errors, drive malfunctions and more. Beyond which those symptoms could be because the PSU fried another more expensive component that seems like the problem, only to find that the problem persists past it's replacement. The PSU is the one place where one should simply not skimp.

Guido3275d ago

You certainly won't be playing them well. Frame rate issues abound in a low budget setup like that.

Grandizer3275d ago

lol that CPU was selling for 1000$ some 2-3 years back.

And, I see no FPS issues with this system of course, don`t play it at 3200x2200 you will suffer. But at the very same 720p consoles usually render at it will probably look better and run smoother than ps3 or 360.

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Setekh3276d ago

For a super-low budget build, this isn't too bad, there are some areas that I would change parts on.

2GB of RAM is probably going to be the biggest issue here as many games coming out require this at a minimum on the Win 7 platform. Given that the board shown only has 2 DIMM slots, it's not as if you can just throw more RAM in there in the future either.

raztad3276d ago

I'm really interested in building a low budget PC. I paid $400 for my PS3, I dont want to pay much more than that for another gaming system. I dont enjoy burning money in the newest and more powerful piece of tech every six months, so this investment will stay with me for quite a long time or until I cant play any game with it any more.

dirthurts3276d ago

Can be cheaply upgraded to run any game.
If you have a 3.0 Athlon 64x2 or faster, you're golden.
Just dump in a power supply, and a HD 4870 and you're boomin.
4gb of ram if you can though.

ABizzel13276d ago

I'm about to build me a $15,000 Mac Pro. As soon as I become a millionaire.

toaster3276d ago

Actually, I'd get two. And then have dual 30" Apple displays for each.

Lelldorianx3276d ago

Oh man, maybe you can run Oregon Trail in HD!!! <3


toaster3276d ago

There are better things to do on a Mac than play games. If I wanted to play games I'd play with my PC.

But for everything else, Mac is usually better.
I like to record my own music and I have yet to find something that bests Garage Band. iPhoto's features are incredible. Safari is stunning to look at because of it's UI but that's pretty much every part of a Mac. The list goes on and on.

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