TouchGen: Rogue Planet Review

Rogue Planet tells a story of human versus robot, of old versus new, of flesh versus metal. You have to take back control of the Earth by sending your troops into the fray of battle. As a commander it is up to you to decide who will have to give up their lives for the good of the many.

Rogue Planet is a turn-based strategy in the vein of the popular high quality Nintendo Advance Wars series, and the more surreal Mecho Wars by Luc Bernard for the iPhone. You take turns moving all your troops, and just like in chess you have to plan a couple of moves ahead. Most missions demand you to exterminate all opposition, and to do so effectively you have to know which unit is strong versus the target enemy unit. This is key to success. In missions where you can produce units you can't just buy the most expensive all the time as that firepower might not be as effective against enemy ground units.

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