Ubisoft counting on future of 3D gaming; New game Avatar designed for 3D projection TVs

At some points in the game, the water looks real; clear at some angles to reveal the rocks below, at other angles, thick and murky. When your character hops into a helicopter, the exhaust fumes billow through the screen and seemingly into your face. The new game is called James Cameron's AVATAR and is based on Mr. Cameron's movie of the same name, scheduled to come out next month.

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sakura20093305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

ps3 is going to have 3d

ChickeyCantor3305d ago

Pc's already have it.....

But sure play beyond or something =D

MetalGearRising3305d ago

xbox360 consoles are out of the box ready 3D all we need are some games to take advantage of what xbox360 is capable off.