Used Xbox 360 Consoles: Buyer Beware

Xboxist writes:

"This month it was reported that the company may have banned up to a million pirate machines, in the wake of intense piracy of the latest game Modern Warfare 2. After last week's mass banning of pirates from Microsoft's Xbox Live service, a flood of consoles inevitably began turning up used in local newspaper classifieds and websites like Craigslist and Ebay. Not all of the sellers are being up front about the reason why they are selling their consoles, hoping to lure in an unsuspecting consumer who doesn't know the risk"

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clinker3307d ago

Considering the high rate of hardware failures, I would prefer to buy a new one with a warranty just in case. They really aren't that expensive now anyway.

Immortal3213307d ago

what are the odds buying a used xbox360 and it can't play on xbl.
1 out of a million?