No Laughing Matter: PSP Comic Reader (Resolution Magazine)

Resolution Magazine writes: "The PSP Comic Reader is of monumental importance for the Sony handheld. Get it right and legions of people will rush to buy the platform, its success perhaps paving the way for future programs to be brought to the PlayStation store. Get it wrong, though, and many fans will lose confidence in the system."

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jashwin3306d ago

i think that the comic reader is awesome!

user8586213305d ago

lets see I just started gettin into comic books couple of months ago, now hmmmmmm how do I get my hands on amazing spider-man #1??

this is a amazing idea!

free2game3653305d ago

There's no way reading a comic on that small of a screen is going to be comfortable.

Schobeleth3305d ago

If you have a PSP, download the newest firmware and download the Comics thing, then download the FREE Transformers comic for a taste of how it works. It's amazing, I was wondering why the comic was a bit bigger in size, it's because it literally does the work for you so moving from frame to frame is a breeze. I love it.

3305d ago