Sony Ericsson Satio beats iPhone 3GS for gaming, says Fishlabs

Mobile games developer Fishlabs says Sony Ericsson's latest smartphone, the Satio, has more powerful gaming capabilities than the iPhone 3GS. "The Satio features the same 3D-Chip PowerVR SGX as the iPhone 3GS running Symbian on an even more powerful CPU ARM11 clocked at 600MHz. Furthermore, it comes with plenty of memory and with a bigger display than the iPhone featuring 640 x 360 pixels resolution." Ah, but does it have an app store as good as Apple's?

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Santa Hirai3305d ago

Sony always have the best apps.

Anorexorcist3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Jolly Old Saint Hirai!

Mindboggle3305d ago

Apple > Sony > Nintendo > Microsoft

Im sorry but whos gunna buy a SE in this day and age ?? They are always breaking, and even this model has been recalled in the Uk as its already started breaking. And its the same price as a 3GS...

Why would anyone buy this ??

wxer3305d ago

are you kidding me ?
i've got Sony Ericsson phones since my day one using phones
and i got zero problems

now i got me a nokia
and i f*cking hate it
im selling it soon and getting me another Sony Ericsson

Mindboggle3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Sony ericssons are trash. Ive had 4 and theyve all broke, and started to turn off randomly. Even their 2 newest phones have major problems and have been recalled.

Look at the google search below. There are 409,000 results, and i went to page 15 and i gave up. All the links say the same thing. They are awful phones.

They are awful phones. At least nokias work for a long period. Youll be lucky to get a year out of a SE phone.

dragunrising3305d ago

Mindboggle is right about the phone being recalled at a number of places in the UK.

With that said, the phone seems pretty nice. Too bad it probably won't come to Verizon. Sony Ericson and Nokia phones are (usually) exclusively AT&T/T-mobile because its more work to port the radio frequency to CDMA (Verizon/Sprint networks).

wxer3305d ago

say what ever you wana say
ive been using SE phones long time ago
my last phone was W910i
that phone was THE SH!T
man i love it
im thinking about buying another one of that phone

ABizzel13305d ago


Sony doesn't have the best apps there just now getting good with them

That being said is this another example of Sony pushing for 3rd party apps. And is this a part of what's in store for the current PSP and it's successor, because if so the future is looking bright.

Mindboggle3305d ago

You guys do realise if these new phones fail in sales they will be on the verge of being shut down.

Sony ericsson has been on the decline for many years now, and with Sony trying to get back to big profits again i cant see them keeping SE if they keep failing with their phones...

sikbeta3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

All companies having problems since the f*cking global economic crisis you know

Sony Ericsson Walkman Series became a success in the time, Sony enter the Mobile phone Industry Globally really later in comparison with others like Nokia and Motorola, both being real Veterans in this business and manage to be really competitive

Sony Ericsson is a joint venture, they can break, separate and divide the ca$h, is not about Sony being the only one that make decisions

I don't know about you guys but I'm stick with Sony Ericsson since the Walkman series, I just love it, then I really wanted to try out the Sony Ericsson cybershot hybrid k800i, but now I'm going to wait for this one or the AINO

RememberThe3573305d ago

Actually Sony Ericsson has only really been on the decline for about 2 years. But I agree about the phones themselves. I've had my SE about a year and now it's dropping calls all over the place and the keys are snapping in half.

BISHOP-BRASIL3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I'm not saying you are lying, nor are those results, the thing is cellphones breaks a lot. I myself got over 2 Motorolas, 1 Nokia, 1 LG and 1 Samsung that didn't make it to a year, now I have SE that is turning 1 year by January, but I won't be surprised if it dies too. Portable stuff in general breaks a lot, I'm pretty sure the electronics standard for failure rate don't apply to cellphones, smartphones, PDAs, Palms, etc.

For sure some phone models breaks more than others (and if there is a recall that may well be the situatio) but every brand got their trouble makers.

Actually, even if your phone can work for well over 3 years or so, not rarelly is impossible to find accessories for it 6 months to a year after buying it like extra battery or charging cable, if it broke after a year just forget, either you have warrant/insurance that cover to get a new one or you'll be be short of luck, because shops won't have parts like LCD screens, keyboards or plugs to fix it.

But the odd is it seens no one cares. People just expect phones to die at some point, I would risk a guess and say most people buy a new cellphone while their old ones works perfectly, just to get a newer model.

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Santa Hirai3305d ago

Ill see what i can do Anorexorcist

In the meantime have a happy christmas and enjoy Ps3 and all Sony products.

The real killer3305d ago

I have the Satio, it's damn fine phone i ever have.

wxer3305d ago

whats new

Sony > anything else

-Alpha3305d ago

And actually having better games.

Who the hell is Fishlabs to begin with, and secondly, again, the iPhone has more a ton more games.

Just because the Ericcson is more powerful doesn't make it "better".

Besides, the PSP beats the iPhone for core gaming anyway. Screw the phones.

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