IGN: Ten Reasons We Don't Want The Next Gen

Normally by this stage in a console generation's lifespan, we'd have at least one eye trained on the consoles around the corner. Not so this time. Nope, this time there are just too many compelling reasons why the PS3 and Xbox 360 (we're not including the Wii in this particular debate) should hang around for several more years at the least. We've jotted down the ten we think are most salient.

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jammy_703279d ago

at least another 2-3 years of this gen will be great, but i think this gen will continue through the ps4 and 720 aswell, more than what the ps2 and xbox did to ps3 and 360

N4g_null3279d ago

If you guys knew how much your pc ports are dumded down you wouldn't be saying that.

On top of it all you have no idea what these artist are capable. Next gen will be the gen where we get to good enough specs.

DeadlyFire3279d ago

PC ports are not very good at all. A next generation would certainly fix that in some ways. In no way would it fix it entirely though. There are many faults in the PC market. None of which Microsoft cares to acknowledge.

Also another thing to note is the promise of immense physics and destruction, better AI, and all of that they promised with this generation. So far I have only seen a few graphical updates. One or two games with physics, but nothing like what the aim of it was with the overhyped marketing towards next-generation. Perhaps with a new generation we could see some big shifts in that direction though.


I want 4 -5 there has not been that much of a jump to be going next gen that soon...ps3 and xbox 360 still produce gorgeous games

Sarcasm3279d ago

The current generation will have a LONNNGGGGG life ahead. Or at least one console does.

Marcus Fenix3279d ago

"Next gen will be the gen where we get to good enough specs"

I used think the same thing every gen, when I 1st saw COD 3 it wowed me alot, I thought like "that's enough graphics 4 me", but when time passes I get proven wrong, next gen will indeed wow us at the beginning, then PCs will show us that no matter how good graphics are they get outdated by time, im not sure when this cycle will end, but it kept repeating itself every single gen.

DaTruth3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I don't own any PC ported games, they have a tendency to suck!

Have fun with your 16x anti aliasing and weak @ss gameplay! Not like those games aren't dumbed down for the 360 anyways!

It's not the graphics I'm looking forward to, but I would like destruction on a reasonable level without it looking like complete a$$. I would like 200 reasonably intelligent dudes on the screen and physics to boot. PC can do this, but the games will get dumbed down for consoles and just added 16x anti-aliasing. That's why I don't buy multiplatform games. At least PS3 gives you a choice, PC has like 2 non-multiplatform games.

You PC guys really gotta start paying for your games. I would buy a great PC tomorrow if you guys were getting the games you should be.

N4g_null3278d ago

You know what is funny is unbreakable or games that are harder to pirate may be closer than you think. Using something like a open cl code and accounts would kill a lot of that. You'll never stop it all but I'm sure they will figure out how to hack the ps3 soon also. Too many ps3 programmers need work and are pretty pissed about the way things are going.

Man hd gaming is going down the same crapper. Also I'm betting more console owners are pirating thanjust sole pc owners. We all know console owners a cheap.

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EvilTwin3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"we're not including the Wii in this particular debate"

So why did N4G put this on the Wii board, too?
[...waits for retraction/edit]

asdr3wsfas3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Don't hold your breath ;)

Read this hilarity:

"5) New Control Interfaces Are Coming… Without New Hardware

There are other big things on the horizon for the PS3 and Xbox 360 aside from 3D. Yes, we're talking about the PS3 Wand and Natal. How much they'll change the landscape is obviously debatable, but the point is that in the right hands they'll help reinvent how we interact with our consoles and our games. As mentioned earlier, this is a generation of machines that will never grow stagnant – it's a constant evolution of functionality; a constant process of redefining what gaming is."

Hahaha, the wii is a gimmick and we'll not include it, but these guys are really pushing the boundaries of how we "interact with our consoles and our games."

This next point they list will have you laughing or crying:

"6) Gaming Is About More Than Graphics

While gamers still crave games with graphics that'll make their eyes bleed, the reality is that with each console generation the scope of gaming gets broader. Take a look at the PS3 and Xbox 360's catalogue and you'll find whole categories of games where hardware power/visuals are largely irrelevant. Do cutting edge graphics matter when you're playing Guitar Hero? How many fantastic games are there available for the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Arcade where addictive gameplay takes precedence over visual sophistication."

ROFL, too good.

sikbeta3279d ago

The first doesn't count, is obvious that Sony is making Sphere for the motion lovers and current owners that will jump into it, the same goes to M$, but with no controller

The Second point is made in order to not downplay the Graphics of the xbox 360, so they can say that both consoles are good even if the PS3 deliver MUCH more when we talk about graphics and they can't put the wii in this because:

A: is not in the same league graphically talking
B: is the console that sold more, so it make look the xbox 360 that came out 1 year earlier in a much worst position

asdr3wsfas3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

That leads to the implied point - a bunch of other people can decide what level of graphics are adequate (xbox 360 this gen is good enough though the ps3 outclasses it and pc gaming makes them both look awful) but then exclude people who can live with a wii? Like the graphics are even bad - Super Mario Galaxy looks incredible.

Talking about motion controls while ignoring nintendo is hilarious. It's like tipping your hat to the elephant in the room. They can't reinvent how we interface with our games - Nintendo already did it. That's why Sony and MS are doing it. The people who own and play wii think the graphics are good enough precisely because nintendo did so well with the controls. Instead they talk about ps3 and xbox "redefining what gaming is" with motion controls. Too bad nintendo came up with the idea and it was the entire selling point for the wii. You can't exclude the wii and write that. Well, I guess they can but it just makes them look like idiots.

Though I would love ps3 fps with point and shoot. I play wii fps entirely because of that but ps3 would be my main FPS rig if they added it.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3279d ago

The Wii is not included because thanks to its poor graphic capabilities it is obvious that they want a next-gen Wii already. The Wii it's nothing more than a GC with motion controller and we want the real deal with motion sensing. Great graphics and gameplay.

The PS3 and X360 are giving us the full package. That's why those two can still keep competing in the market longer while the the Wii needs an upgrade.

Only on the head of a Nintendo fanboy graphics aren't important. The Wii cost $200 and is not even half as powerful as a PS3 that only cost $100 more and it comes with blu-ray, better online and many other things. The Wii's not only outdated beyond any means but overpriced too. So yes, Nintendo need to make a Wii 2 like now. But that's only for the core gamers because the casual are still eating the sh1t.

EvilTwin3279d ago

Yep, it's pretty sad, oobob. They pretty much said: "We won't include Nintendo in this discussion, although the reason we shouldn't have next-gen systems is because of the controller interface Nintendo created this gen."

...huh? I mean, like Nintendo or not, that's some pretty shoddy reasoning. Actually, isn't that what Iwata or Miyamoto said about the Wii? That the reason they didn't push the graphics harder is because graphics were already so good?

If you want to read something really funny, check this out:

Fanboy talking points. From EDITORS.

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alphakennybody3279d ago

Next gen already? lol this gen has barely begun.As much as I would love to know about the new consoles, right now i think there's still more to come this gen. Especially for the MC's this gen is I think the decisive factor if MC and 3-D are just gimmick or has future in gaming, if either MS or SONY pulls it off properly anyway.

koehler833279d ago

As far as I'm concerned, a console generation consists of 3 Final Fantasy installments.

Information Minister3279d ago

Well... We already have two of them this gen and by the time FFXII was released on the PS2, the PS3 was also on the market.

Sarcasm3279d ago

And 11 Super Mario game spinoffs.

Shang-Long3279d ago

well. 13 and 14 come next year n then vs 13 comes soon after.. thats 3 already. so i hope your wrong

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