SententiaS: Dragon Age: Origins – Review

At the beginning of this month Bioware released its latest fantasy RPG for both PC and consoles, and ever since then it's been raining roses, praises and applause. But is really that good or are we again witnessing the power of EA's marketing's machine combined with the strength of the hypnotized masses? We've invested a few days of gameplay into it to find that out for you.

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Marcus Fenix3302d ago

already spent 55 hrs on the game, it's just addicting

3302d ago
SententiaS3302d ago

Addicting it is, yeah. More than that? Nope, not really.

Tex1173302d ago

Its a solid RPG offering. Its not AMAZING or anything just a solid way to spend the cold winter months.

3302d ago
Relientk773302d ago

I cant wait to get this game