First day sales in Japan

A listing of first day sales data in Japan has been released, including a tremendous start for Professor Layton, Mushihimesama (360), and much more.

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Valay3306d ago

Professor Layton performed well indeed. Though, if I'm remembering correctly, the other games in the series did better on their first days.

Madusha3306d ago

Wow 140,000, it's doing very well.

Valay3306d ago

Just did a little digging, here's how the other Layton games sold:

Layton 1: 48,000
Layton 2: 196,000
Layton 3: 179,000

Saaking3306d ago

The series is still really popular.

SpoonyRedMage3305d ago

Could be oversaturation I guess, it's the fourth game in two years and they just announced a fifth one.

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Bigpappy3306d ago

What are people doing with the PS3 after they buy one? You would think the way it sell in Japan the at lease be buying a few games for it.

Maddens Raiders3306d ago

you would wouldn't you...? >_>


"Uncharted 2 claimed the top spot in first day sales in Japan this week, moving some 47,000 copies, or 70% of its stock. According to the week’s figures, posted on NintendoEverything, Uncharted 2 outsold its closest competitor, Okami for the Wii, by 28,000 units.

In addition, it appears Naughty Dog’s epic title will go down as one of the best reviewed games of this console cycle. According to Metacritic, UC2 has received 25 perfect ratings so far, while Microsoft’s exclusive hit Halo 3 has 20.

For overall best reviewed games on the PS3, Grand Theft Auto IV is still on top with a rating of 98 while Uncharted 2 has 96, followed by LittleBigPlanet at 95. We will not be surprised to see Uncharted 2 top the charts of all time highest review scores for the PS3, and likely one of the best, if not the best reviewed game this year."

now do you see what people are doing with the PS3 after they buy one in Japan?

LeonSKennedy4Life3306d ago

"First day sales..."

Nothing came OUT for the PS3 this week, ya frickin' genius!

Uncharted 2 still outsold all the rest of those games, but it came out a few weeks ago.

Infernostew3306d ago

Learn to read. I'll help you out on this one. It says first day sales meaning no ps3 games came out this week.

sikbeta3305d ago

The same can be said about the xbox 360,, what Japan do after buying one, wait with the thing turned ON to get the RROD? lol

bjornbear3305d ago

quit it, you making us bears look bad >=3

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Bigpappy3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I did not realize this was only for a week. I don't really track Japanese sale as I am in the U.S. I was just taken aback that there were no PS3 game on big first day game sales. Normally I don't comment on this stuff. I was just surprised.

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