'Sony and Microsoft keen on subscription-MMOs'

"Undead Labs' recently announced console-bound zombie MMO will "almost certainly" go with a subscription-based model, founder Jeff Strain says. "There are still hurdles to jump with both Sony and Microsoft," but approaching the the companies with an 'we're making a console-only MMO from the ground-up' attitude has made the process easier. Regardless, "there's a lot of negotiation to do"."

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Ninji3308d ago

Sony even pushed DC Universe to become a free to play MMO for PS3. The play for free & having the option to buy premium items is the best option. In fact, the only MMO on PS3 that you'll need to have a subscription for is FF14 and I'm not interested in anything by S-E.

3308d ago
knifefight3308d ago

"I'm not interested in anything by S-E."
As evidenced by the fact that you go around randomly reporting all S-E stories as "lame," right?

Soldierone3308d ago

Zombies? Awesome i want to play! Subscription fee? Ah eff it, nevermind. All I got to say. Subscription or "pay to play" COMPLETELY turns me away for good, never will touch it, never will play it just because of that. The "spend money for better things" is a much better model.

I dont know how it would work on Xbox. First you gotta buy the game, then you gotta pay for Live, then you gotta pay for the game fee, then add it to your internet bill. At the end of the month your paying 200 bucks just to play a game.

glennc3308d ago

live is a yearly subscription. you don't need to buy it every time you buy a game, dont be a drama queen.