Ubisoft: Defining a Breakthrough writes, "Speaking to an audience of game enthusiasts and aspiring developers at DIG London - a video game developers conference in London, Ontario - Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal, painted a picture for global success in the gaming industry. Citing the 'Production Pipeline' as the backbone of the creative structure, the audience was taken through a series of Ubisoft's more groundbreaking games. Highlighting how "Ubisoft has been driven by high-risk but high reward decisions, innovation, and a desire to be creative" the pipeline is a precise guide to the methods of Ubisoft's game development. "

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mephman3303d ago

While not all their games are fantastic, it's good to see that processes like this still exist.

Kyll3303d ago

Mallat's Ubi Montreal's CEO, I bet he meant that's what their studio does.

-GametimeUK-3303d ago

I do like GRAW, R6 and Splinter Cell, BUT the problem I have with Ubisoft is their games NEVER feel polished. I cant quite put my finger on it.

Assassins Creed was high risk and high reward, but I cant help but feel that they got extremely lucky (considering how much of a disappointment the first game was). They did turn things around for the 2nd installment though which is nice :)

Ju3302d ago

AC2 is a big disappointment for me. How did this improve over AC1 ? Now you have to press that damn shoulder button just to run. Why do I have analog sticks to walk/run - if they are just used like on/off buttons ? The context sensitive buttons are a complete let down. Overly complicated for a game. Visuals are so so (well, biggest disappointment). While the environments look nice, close ups are just horrible (character models, and low res polygons/textures on pretty much everything). Ubi has some great ideas, but I want to see better output from their games. AC2 is the biggest disappointment for me this year.

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