Jackass: The Game Video

The boys of Jackass put their nuts on the line time and time again in this videogame based on the MTV franchise, allowing players to try out a series of scenarios with digital incarnations of Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, and the rest of the cast. Complex physical dynamics allow the chaos of the Jackass acts to come to life in the game, as each brutal, bone-jarring, blood-spurting stunt is different from the last and as each stunt challenges you to act even more crazy and wild.

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Blackmoses4181d ago

whats the point!! I also heard that Sony was in the works of making a "SAW" game. Where's the gameplay in either of these titles?

BIadestarX4181d ago

I hate the show.... I will hate the game. corny! and for the most part.. disturving.

drtysouf214181d ago

so this game isn't for me.