Deus Ex 3 A PC Exclusive? Unlikely

An Eidos Montreal community spokesperson has put a dent in rumors of Deus Ex 3 being developed exclusively for PC. "Only the PC version has been announced so far," he wrote on the official Eidos forums, diplomatically addressing a story that originated from a (now corrected) article on Bit-Tech. "I dunno where that website is getting its info from!"

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morganfell3305d ago

This story is for those that disagreed here:

Zedux3305d ago

common if you have beee following their forums you would know its coming to the PS3 and the 360!

gaffyh3305d ago

I played the previous 2 on PC, but I'm thinking of getting this one for 360, simply because I know it will take a while to complete and I don't want to game on my isolated PC like a recluse.

Viper73305d ago

Hopefully it goes the way that most games do and get released in Ps3, X360 and PC. PC only would do no good for their sales nor their fanbase.

But considering that Square-enix might be pulling some strings now the game will most likely be a multi platform (or timed exclusive.)

free2game3653305d ago

Actually no, with Square behind it now it's more likely to be PC only. Eidos haven't published any PC only titles in a long time while Square just did recently.

Tony P3305d ago

They want to make console versions. I remember reading about it in an interview a while back. And since the desire is there, I wouldn't get my hopes up that it's some kind of return to form for the series. No matter the benefits of PC exclusivity, the money you can make off consoles is too much to justify it these days. If the desire is there like... at ALL... console versions are all but assured.

DeadlyFire3302d ago

Square is no longer PC only. They are pushing for more platforms. Look at FFXIII. PS3 and X360. FFXIV Online coming to PC and PS3. Its very likely Dues Ex will stay coming to PC, PS3, X360 unless Microsoft or Sony throws a bid at Square to sway the game either way even so PC version is a definite.

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Charmers3305d ago

To be honest after the appalling Deus Ex - Invisible War they should do themselves a favour and just cancel the PC version. There is no way on this planet Deus Ex 3 is going to sell on the PC not after the sorry excuse for a game the last one was.

It is such a shame really, I loved Deus Ex 1 it was an absolutely mind blowing game and puts most modern games to shame in terms of game play. Ho well another PC franchise ruined yet again, such is life.

Sarevok3305d ago

man this sucks... I don't have money for that type of pc..

bozebo3305d ago

ill be hapy if the pc version is not a port.

tudors3305d ago

we must have played a different game.

mastiffchild3305d ago

I've only played the original game tudors but I'm assured by a mate who's a massive series fan that Invisible War was very much a Marmie game. You either felt it was totally the right way for the series to go or, quite commonly, felt it was a disaster. Some say it would be fine and there would be no moaning if it was just another game-that more would love it-but a lot of folk just loved the first game so much they wouldn't allow themselves to sanction the changes to IW.

Again, though I've never had the chance to play it(PC was fead when it released and by the time I'd got anther decent one together more, amd fresher to market, games were there on all platforms to take my attnetions well awa from a game which splits opinion so often.

I SO intend to give ot a go but every time I decide I'm gonna do it I read another vloke who HATED it! Same as when I think I'll just kill the though once and for all-someone like you will emerge to make me want to have a pop again! Ah! So many games so little mastiffchildto go round! Turn your back for a week or two and you're doomed! You'll never play all the "must" plays let alone the "should" plays, "want to" plays or the "ooh I'd like to try" that outs-you need a free day all day every day and enough cash to supply yourself with hot pockets and kool aide for a year if you wanted to do them all and catch up!

Anyway, yeah, I think it's one of the love/hate games if I've not been led astray.

mistajeff3305d ago

I liked it a lot, but as much as I liked it, I agree that it didn't hold a candle to the first one and pretty much every element of the game could've been done much better. But I remember when they first got the concept approved for DX3, the people working on the game came out and said that they had read all the criticisms on Invisible War and agreed with them and weren't looking to make the same mistakes IW did. So I'm definitely expecting DX3 to be better than 2, and given how much I enjoyed 2 despite all of its shortcomings, I think DX3 will be an awesome game. But let's face it, the only way a new DX game could trump the first one would be if Warren Spector came back and made one. And even then, it's still very unlikely to top the first.

free2game3653305d ago

You must have never played the original.

ukilnme3305d ago

I loved the original one. It is still my favorite PC game of all time. Never played the second one.

Tony P3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

IW was ok. Brilliant? Hardly.

On it's own, it's a decent game, but does not stack up well against the first at all. I didn't hate IW, but it's so much smaller and so much more limited than the original. Sure, the graphics and physics are better, what does that matter when losing an abundance of substance?

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