Thank you for Zelda Nintendo

Here at ZeldaInformer, we're known for many things to do with Zelda. There's our extensive news coverage of everything Zelda fans need and stuff you don't need. There's our consistent flow of casual articles, which are often strongly opinionated, and the famed in-depth articles of The Bombers. There's our video content, our Top Tens and so on and so forth. We're known for saying what we think, yet, there is something that we all unquestionably think, but we hardly ever say it. That is, thank you Nintendo for Zelda.

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Rikitatsu3305d ago

A group of fans are appreciating a game, how can this be newsworthy?

RememberThe3573305d ago

That is why we seen editorials, reviews, opinion pieces, and so on...

RememberThe3573305d ago

Zelda is one of those titles that never seems to disappoint me. And to be honest the last boss fight in Twilight Princess was one of the most badass boss fights ever. It was a beat fest.