Irrational answers BioShock questions

Back in April, 1UP put out the call for questions about BioShock to find out what their readers wanted to know about the upcoming shooter. Then on a recent trip to the developer's offices just outside Boston, 1UP pulled out the list and presented it to Irrational president Ken Levine.

Spencer Gregory: Does the game have a third-person mode? If not, why not? Do you think it would be less immersive for the player?

Ken Levine: Our feeling was, we never came up with a reason why there should be a third-person mode. The word "mode" in general always makes me nervous because movies don't have modes and books don't have modes, and we're one of the few storytelling mediums that has modes and I'm not really sure why... it should just be as organic as possible and this game just never had a reason to have it.

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Rhezin4208d ago

Eww multiplayer in Bioshock that would never happen, that doesn't not works out it's specifically designed to fit 1. Why would you want another player stealing all your kills. nonsense