Brink's single-player is "massive"

TVGB: "Despite Splash Damage's ambitions to meld single-, multiplayer and cooperative games, those wanting to go through the entire game on their can still very much do so. And according to CEO Paul Wedgwood there's a whole lot of game there to enjoy, too."

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rdgneoz33305d ago

"the single-player experience should be 'as compelling as any other triple-A shooter.'” Please not "as compelling" as MW2's.... Good action and gun fights though plot holes and 5 hours isn't too compelling...

Saaking3305d ago

I have my doubts about this game for certain reasons. I can bet right now that the console versions won't even come close to KZ2. I'm not gonna get hyped up for this game.

raztad3305d ago

I think this game is what some xbox diehards are hyping as some sort of "KZ2-killer".

All I ask for is a robust and long enough single player with some coop on top. Competitive is not a requirement.

RockmanII73305d ago

I'm just hoping that Brink is great. PS Brink is on the PS3 too, so everyone should be hoping that it's better than Killzone 2. Because if it's not better, it's worse and what kind of gamer wants a game to be bad.

raztad3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

You got me wrong. I'm not wishing Brink to fail, as some xfans did when KZ2 was about to be released. I'm just saying Brink is being hyped, or compared with KZ2. It seems Brink got a similar dark art-style, "with graphics very close to KZ2's" or something in the lines. There are some previews out there, the last I've read was an Eurogamer hand-on.

Here is hoping game is great and the PS3 version is, at least, up to par. In the Eurogamer hand-on the version played was the xboxs. I dont want more Bayonettas fiascoes.

RockmanII73305d ago

There's nothing for me to disagree with your second comment. Chalk one up for misinterpretation.

Saaking3305d ago

It won't be better than KZ2 becuase it's also on the 360. Maybe the PC version, but he console version will not, unfortunately, come close to KZ2.

DARK WITNESS3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

@ raztad

buahhahahahahahhahaha......lo l

I am sorry, but the xbox does not need a killzone2 killer.

That's not to say that killzone 2 is not a great game or anything, it is, i know because I owned and played it.. but apart from it's graphics it's not the ZOMG of fps gaming. I know die hard sony fans would like to think so.

apart from the diehard xbox fans on this site, i think you will find the average xbox gamer is more then happy with all the shooters already on the system and none really consider killzone 2 to be some huge game that they need an alternative to on 360.

just saying.

edited; ok, after reading your second comment I can agree if you were talking about killzone 2 killer in terms of graphics, although i have not heard any 360 fans raving about this game.

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NoOoB1013305d ago

I think raztad is talking about graphic wise.

ZombieAutopsy3305d ago

I cant wait to actually see some gameplay of this and Rage, both seem like they are gonna be really amazing so lets hope they dont mess it up.

3303d ago