The Neverhood, a lost classic.

Gamer Limit writes "The Neverhood may not have had such an immense impact on my younger years, but it certainly struck a chord visually and creatively. Rarely do I come across a point-and-click nowadays where I don't compare it to Doug TenNapel's 1996 classic."

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thedoctor3225d ago

So much fun going back and playing through this one.

3223d ago
GrahameG3225d ago

I love point n' click games, yet I've never played this one. Sounds like I'm definitely missing out.

TheGameLlama3225d ago

Too bad all point-and-click games have the exact same problems! Still, claymation is always great. Except Platypus. Platypus wasn't great.

josh143993225d ago

loved this game but i loved its sequel even more which was called skullmonkeys which was a side scroller platformer

TheGameLlama3224d ago

Check back at next Thursday. ;)

Freak of Nature3223d ago

Neverhood was great,And IMO Skullmonkey was even a step ahead.A game that was very much underated.

Style and creativity,very much "non generic"and as "original as can be.

brianunfried3223d ago

Needs to be ported to the iPhone.

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The story is too old to be commented.