Just Cause 2 dated: March 23

GamePro: "At the end of March, Just Cause 2's outrageous action antics -- featuring skydiving, grappling onto helicopters, and riding rockets -- have room to potentially stand out after gamers have had their fill of other big action titles."

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StylizedPlayer3304d ago

I find the date to be pretty stupid. PS3 fans will have GOW3 and FF13 to keep them occupied. March is already overcrowded anyway

DaTruth3304d ago

GT5 and Heavy Rain too!

Ninji3304d ago

Now FF13 will be overshadowed by GT5, God of War 3, Bad Company 2, AND Just Cause 2 (though I'm not interested in this one).

knifefight3304d ago

And Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.

DaTruth3304d ago

Bye-bye Just Cause 2. Couldn't have picked a dumber date!

Penno3303d ago

On the plus side, bargain bin, here we come!