OXCGN lays the Smackdown in S vs.R 2010 Review


"It's an ever growing sport in which the millions around the world tune in to see their favorite entertainer do those death-defying high flying maneuvers off the top turnbuckle and land that sweet groan-inducing finishing move.

It's a sport that kids and grown-ups can sit back, relax and enjoy the B-Grade soap opera melodramatics and entertaining wrestling matches.

What's better is that if you're sick of watching it you can just pick up the official game based off the franchise and mash up any superstar in the current roster and pit them against each other in any of the available matches in Smackdown vs Raw 2010."

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BadCircuit3307d ago

Don't enjoy watching it, but playing it is different.

XboxOZ3603307d ago

NOt a big fan of the fighting genre, but attending their media night was kinda fun, plus I nabbed one of the media only tinned limited editions on the night, which is rather cool, as far as a collectors point of view is concerned.

The game will most likely never be played, as my heart lies in other genre's. The reviewer however is a died-in-the-wool fighter fan, and his review would be one to take note of.