Evony. Very interesting Youtube video

This is amazing. Someone has put a lot of time and money into forensically examining the truth behind Evony. And Evony's lies are exposed open for everyone to see.

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jhooty143303d ago

people just click cause of er ummm you know

Maddens Raiders3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

someone is putting out info to quell any reprisals by the Chinese mafia for this whistleblowing. I don't like your site Bruce nor many of your articles, but good look with this one and watch yourself.

btw - i never click on that crap or really anything on the netz unless its something I absolutely know is real

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3303d ago

This is like the JFK assassination, except with nerds and stuff.

Perjoss3302d ago

a funny comment and your avatar got a cat on his head, have a bubble my friend.

T3L3PROOF3302d ago

Is it me or.. does evony always have to use a girl showing her breasts 50% each time they make an advertisement?

I call that evil and desperate.

Game13a13y3302d ago

well, i've never clicked on the evony link, but i'm sure they are not the worst spam i've seen so far. plus, if you can choose whether to click it or not, so what's there to complain except seeing pics and pics of boobies on N4G?

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rbluetank3303d ago

this is what it means to investigate some... lol this guy is FBI material!!!... great video. i always see that stupid advertisement on my computer. i never click it but i always see it... lol thanks for the heads up..

gauntletpython3303d ago

Crazy stuff. The funny part is that they'll probably be running Evony ads on this post :P

Timesplitter143302d ago

Jesus Christ I thought Evony was a big joke but this really looks like some SERIOUS s***

TapiocaMilkTea3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Guys......just because someone put up a nice presentation doesn't mean it's the whole truth, don't blindly believe something unless you actually see it for yourself. For all I know this Bruce guy also accepts donation on his site, and this would make it another way to scam people, taking advantage of the poor reputation of Evony and those ads that look like scams. I'll only believe him if I actually do my own research and confirm everything he presented is valid, but I'm guessing most people will not care enough to do that.

George Sears3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Friend of mine told me about this game and since I'm broke I play it regularly. It takes a long @$$ time to get the hang of it and expand since it's a pretty slow RTS but I like playing it with my friends.

But I don't buy stuff I grow my empire from scratch like most people that play. As for the conspiracy, like hell I care. I'll leave it for Blizzard and the Bruce to care about this nonsense.

ravenl0rd3303d ago

For someone named George Sears, are you sure you don't care about conspiracies? Just saying. :)

Shotgun_Roamer3303d ago

*facepalm* you couldn't find any other free game? there's literally thousands and you choose evony....

LightofDarkness3302d ago

And it's not like Civ is expensive... (Evony, if you didn't already know, is a complete rip-off of Civilization)

Jeebus3303d ago

I hope they mean 'tits'

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The story is too old to be commented.