Xbox 360 Elegant Edition shows Microsoft how it's done

Engadget reports: "You know, we've pretty much all been enamored with the Zune HD's industrial design, but one unintended consequence for Microsoft was that it made its console look even more childish and toylike. It was inevitable, then, that a group of industrious Swedes would take up arms against this injustice and right the world with their Elegant Edition mod."

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Godmars2903304d ago

It was probably banned the second it went online...

AEtherbane3304d ago

now he has to buy a normal one...

kaveti66163303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

You guys don't have a clue how banning works, do you?

When you first hook up your newly purchased 360 and go to Xbox Live, the system takes what is known as a digital screenshot of the internal components of the hardware and sends it to a Microsoft administration center where a computer compares the screenshot to a model screen of what the hardware should be like. Keep in mind that this is not like a photograph. It's just a series of components in the 360 sending a compilation of performance data over the net, such as the size of the harddrive and the speed of the processor, and the type of disc drive in it. These are the things which Microsoft cares about. This screenshot process only occurs intermittently afterwards, at the behest of Microsoft.

The physical appearance of the 360 is not important. By your logic, if I wrote my name on my 360 in a Sharpie it would be banned. That's just retarded, childlike thinking. A friend of mine actually did some work for Microsoft's gaming division this past summer and he told me how it works. He also modded his own 360, because he knows what they'd be checking for and when.

Taking your 360 hardware and putting it in a different casing is not going to get you banned. It doesn't affect performance, and it's not something that could be detected anyway, so suck it Sony fanboys.

multipayer3302d ago

It looks like a surround sound receiver, that happens to be FUGLY AS HELL!!

dirthurts3302d ago

Is correct.
This will not get you banned.

Elwenil3302d ago

That thing looks like my old Pong game from the late '70s. Maybe if they called it the "Disco" edition it would go over better. Maybe put an "ABBA" decal on it.

Karlnag33302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

everyone knows that, it was just a joke. But he went and got all butthurt and defensive about it. Quite amusing really, hence my first comment.

Motion3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

"so suck it sony fan boys"

why in the hell are you calling out fanboys because you can mod your case? Are you telling them to suck it because you think they'll be jealous you can make your case look stupid like the one in the image? Your logic makes no sense to me. I highly doubt sony fans are jealous you can make your case look like that.

GiantEnemyCrab3302d ago

now he has to buy a normal one... "

Unfortunately? Why is that?

Godmars2903302d ago

So something like differentials in power consumption for the added fans isn't going to send up a red flag?

IdleLeeSiuLung3302d ago

"So something like differentials in power consumption for the added fans isn't going to send up a red flag? "

That is just ridiculous! You are trying really hard aren't you to find reasons to hate MS/Xbox 360.

The fact that the power varies depending on what software you are using in the system means that it is impossible to predict let alone be sure if it is modded. Heck, what if I just happen to hook up a crap load of stuff to my USB port with a USB Hub. None of them even needs to be related to the 360!

When MS bans a console, you [email protected] well know that they have made [email protected] well sure that they know you modded your console 100%! Otherwise, they are open to some really expensive lawsuit!!!

Xeoset3302d ago

Hey, Sony fangirls.

Y'know why so many modded Xbox 360's were banned? They were running ixtreme 1.1 and up, hence the new release of ixtreme 1.7 LT. Guess what? They all deserved it.

Get some knowledge. Also note: the PS3 isn't far behind with firmware downgraders and the like.

PS360PCROCKS3302d ago

I tore apart my xbox and put it back together and it's never been banned. lol

HolyOrangeCows3302d ago

And start worrying more about making efficient designs to stay cool.

Give me a big fat console if that's what it takes to keep it cool.

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Grandreaper99993304d ago

Woahhh... I like the idea of Xbox 360 redesigns, but this.. I dunno what to think about this. It makes me think of the stack of electronics I had for my old stereo system. 2 separate Equalizers, a CD player (they were big back then), and a volume control block that managed different speakers you'd set up to it.. Man.

This looks like it belonged with them. Atop the stack of enormous, old-ass electronics.

Santa Hirai3303d ago

Looks like a turd just like the regular 360.

Game13a13y3302d ago

yep, no matter how nice you make a piece of turd look, its still a piece of turd.

Cajun Chicken3302d ago

Can nobody make the 360 look nice?

The 13302d ago

Best looking console on the market.

Saaking3302d ago

The 360's design is kinda lame to be honest. I really wish MS had put more thought into it.

GiantEnemyCrab3302d ago

Now this is how you stealth troll folks.

Xeoset3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

With the Wii's design based on a 20 year old concept and the PS3 looking like a bloated George Foreman grill, you're saying the Xbox 360's design is the worst?

Sorry, but you have to laugh.

HolyOrangeCows3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

"Sorry, but you have to laugh"
Only if you're a fanboy who gets his jollies from these kind of things.

Don't know about you folks, but I stare at the TV while playing games, not the console.

RockmanII73302d ago

I like the wii design the most, but the 360s design isn't bad

commodore643302d ago

In my opinion, the 360 looks quite nice.
It has contemporary lines and a white 'chique' that reminds me of all the hipsters with their ipods.

SO yeah, I don't know why people are saying the standard 360 design is ugly or even needs improvement.

If anything needs design improvement it is the George Foreman Grill, which seemingly doubles as a games console:

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